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360 degree led displays


A leader in 360° LED Displays, we are driven to provide customers with the best visually stimulating solutions incorporating state-of-the-art LED technology. A team of professionally trained engineers inspect and ensure product quality, reliability and performance. The displays have received numerous global awards and recognition for creativity and innovation. All products follow stringent quality control procedures and comply with ISO regulations.

Real Colour Pixel - The typical LED display relies on small groupings of red, green and blue surface mount LEDs to generate a visible image. The result is an image with large pixels with considerable spacing between pixels and must be viewed from a lengthy distance in order to see clearly. Our 360° displays consist of a drum incorporating several red, green, and blue LED modules. As the drum spins, the system controls the lighting of each pixel at a precise location within 1/100th degree accuracy. The result is a perfect image with unsurpassed high resolution and brightness.

Ultimate Colour Uniformity - The colour uniformity is consistent and accurate within ±3%.


A Revolutionary LED Display

Spinning Technology
Using patented spinning LED technology, Our 360° video displays produce bright, crisp, high contrast video in a completely unique, elegant, eye-catching form. .
360° Visibility
The unique cylindrical design of our LED 360° display produces no visual blind spots.  This allows viewers all around the display to have an equal opportunity to see it, no matter where they stand.
High Brightness
With brightness ratings as high as 5,000 cd/m², our 360° LED video displays produce a sunlight readable image which can easily be seen in direct sunlight outdoor environments.
2mm Pixel Pitch
As the drum spins, the display’s red, green and blue pixels are turned on in rapid succession at the exact same spot to produce a picture perfect image with a pixel-pitch of merely 2mm
Ceiling Mountable
Optional Light box Base
Split Screen Capable
Custom Software
Casters for Easy Mobility or solid fixed base
Vandal Resistant Design
Weather Protection
Shops, Malls, Galleries, Convention Centres, Exhibition Centres, Docks, Airports etc etc
360 degree display projects

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