Why choose The LED Studio?

With over 20 years of experience in engineering solutions for the technology industry we have evolved to be able to provide modern, sleek, contemporary experiences. As engineers and designers we understand that there is more to LED based signage than simply an attractive looking display. We know that a display is only as good as its electronic specification and the components used to make it, and as such we have an excellent understanding of what should go into making a reliable and long lasting system. Ease of use and the ability to change the display parameters is paramount in the design of our systems.
We also offer in-house software and electronic design for applications which require bespoke software or hardware.

Display Training

With the option of either on-site training or online Webinar we aim to personalise your experience with you new system. . It will cover everything from the basics to your specific account requirements. Let us help you get the best out of your investment.


We have an experienced team of technicians easily reached by phone or email for assistance. We seek to respond with a can do attitude and our confidence means we can offer extended warranties on any equipment purchased from us. Extended Warranties


Whatever the weight, size, access, project planning or permits, we have the resources and experience to install it. Depending on the project size and complexity we also offer a pre-install site survey to ensure a smooth experience and optimum solution. Enquire

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