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Do I need Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is no longer a luxury, it is a Necessity!

From the smallest shop to the largest corporation, you need to get your message to as many people as possible...and make them want to act on wat they see.
More and more businesses are using digital signage to achieve their goals and we can hep you acheive your yours. We'll give you the tools to enrich your audiences experience, build brand awareness, loyalty and deliver results; ROI. The ROI (return on investment) on Digital Signage is proven and you will soon see the resluts in your organisation's continued growth.




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The Simplicity of Plug and Play.
Thanks to their built in media players most of our products use a straightforward plug and play system. Simply load the media files, or playlist, in the order you want them to be displayed onto a USB stick. Then insert the USB drive into the screen, wait for the data to load, remove the USB drive and your images, videos and music will be played in a continuous loop.
Cloud Based CMS
Updating your screens couldn’t be any simpler. Login to to upload media, manage playlists, create your own templates and schedule content for whenever you want; giving you complete control over your network. No special software installation or dedicated PC is required.
Tablet-like Style
These are the most stylish screens on the market. Their buttonless tempered glass face, rounded corners, super slim profile and aluminium surround all add to their eye-catching tablet like aesthetics. They have the same appearance and specification as the screens in the Slimline ranges.
Create Custom Layouts
Choose from the pre-designed templates or create your own layouts. This allows you to deliver targeted content and display your images and videos exactly how you want to, you can even add scrolling messages. 
Corporate Branding
Add your logo to your content, create branded “skins” and use your corporate colours in scrolling messages to maintain brand consistency.
Update Your Screens from Anywhere
Content can be uploaded and managed from anywhere in the world via our web portal, simply login, upload your media to our secure server and send them directly to your screens.
Schedule Playlists
You can determine exactly what content is displayed and when. Create playlists that will automatically display your desired content at pre-determined times and dates.
Remote Screen Functions
You can access functions of your screens via the CMS, such as setting on/off times, adjusting display settings, rebooting and controlling volume; a truly centralised solution.
Manage Your Users
You may wish to limit some functions or zones to specific users. A log of all of your user and screen activity is also recorded.
Network Management
You can check the status of each screen in your network; and can even preview what they are currently playing.
High Definition
24/7 Operation
Free Scheduling Software
Lockable Compartment
Super Slim Profile
Multiple Inputs
Wide Viewing Angle


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