Factory Warning Beacons (Andons)

Adaptable Signal Technology



Our signal systems work towards making the working environment safe and boost efficiency when used on on machines, factory throughways or building industries. With over over 3,500 products, there is a solution for every signal application.

The convenient modular signal towers system allows customisation to meet your specific requirements. Combination towers can be supplied fully assembled or provided with a cable or connector. This enables a quick and simple installation on site.

We are able to offer a wide range of colours, designs and voltages for almost every signal device. Colour and design enhances the overall appearance of a machine or equipment on which the device is fitted.



Your route to Lean Manufacturing


Machine Data Collection
Performance of Delivery, keen batch sizes, growing competition and cost pressurea are common issues for companies in the modern world.
In order to deal with all of these issues greater attention has to be paid to flexibility, efficiency and transparency.
Reduce Downtime
Lean Production
PC Logging
Selection of mounts
Audible Accessories
Hygenic Design

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