How do The LED Studio's Andon Boards contribute to lean manufacturing?


The Led Studio's Andon systems are best desribed as visual control devices showing machine, process or line status, reealing presentable OEE.

Most lean manufacturing systems can benifit from these systems to reduce production waste at all levels. By using Andon boards orLED Signal Beacons cite an organisation can monitor quality and ensure productivity easily all the way through to warehousing where such data as order status or priorities can be viewed instantly from long distances.
Audible alarms in the manifestation of sirens or klaxons can be installed so the units to act as an early warning system.

The benefit of these boards is obvious as an all round communication tool to slimline orders, priorities, efficency, OEE and labour deployment for both the organisation and consumers resulting in a lean manufacturing system.
An efficient Andon system saves on the material costs of traditional communication tools like clip boards or white boards for example.

Highly adaptable and easily interfaced, the boards can be either activated directly from the production line via a volt-free contact or operate as your PC would in emulation, so they can work with any SCADA package or HMI application like Wonderware, Iconics, GE Cimplicity, Visual Plant etc.

The LED Studio can keep you better informed, calculate TAKT times, show progress within work shifts or within a specific period of time and report down-times and reject all with real time efficiency providing OEE and a Lean environment.

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