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Our LED Cross Signs have been used by businesses and practices for years to illuminate their presence on their street, draw in customers or just highlight their position in professions where it is vital to stand out in moments of emergency. These LED Cross signs can be seen at distance, at night and from all directions

Typically used as LED Pharmacy Signs cite, these LED crosses have been proven to draw the eye to the your business.

All LED crosses are manufactured using super-bright LEDs, which ensures legibility even in full sun light. Such a display is a long lasting investment with low running costs - LED displays are energy efficient.

The displays can show Time, Date, Temperature and other custom messages i.e. open or closed. This can be scheduled within the supplied software or simple operation by remote control.

A wide range of default graphics and text is available to choose from when creating animated content to be displayed, including still images, blinking, typewriter, side to side sliding, slant sliding, sliding in, sliding out, assembling or disassembling (MATRIX), shutter, colour reversal, zoom, turning, explosion, implosion and many others.

24hr auto dimming also comes as standard



Stand out in your street

Guide the way to the care professions

LED Pharmacy Signs cite| LED Veterinary Signs | LED Medical Clinic Signs

LED Pharmcy Cross cite | LED Veterinary Cross | LED Medical Clinic Cross


Built in Clock and temperature
High bright LED's; can be seen in direct sunlight
Wall mounted or hanging brackets
Range of sizes available
Energy Efficient
Multiple Animations
Remote Control
Rugged, Weatherproof Design
Superbright LED's
Auto brightness
Pharmacy Crosses / Pharmacy Sign cite
Veterinary Cross / Veterinary Sign


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