LED Factory Signs and Production Display Systems

Manufacturing Monitoring and Health & Safety Displays



Traditionally, most LED display providers purely supply LED panels into industrial environments and have not been concerned with the industrial process that lies behind the requirement. The strong engineering and industrial background of The LED Studio continues to make us first choice for industrial and professional users who require Data Acquisition cite, Monitoring and Display Systems. We can provide complete factory display and process fitout from production to presentation.

The Andon and Line Monitoring solution

The LED Studio's Andon display boards cite, monitoring systems and Andon warning beacons cite can play a signifficant part in the SixSigma process by displaying a comprehensive set of signals, KPI's, TAKT.OEEcite or user defined data about the live production process. We aim to help workers communicate with production supervisors and factory managers and aid in quality control by having the ability to stop production at the moment a problem occurs and tackle it immediately, intern signalling other workstation operators and supervisors of the stoppage for a 'Lean' manufacturing process. 

LED Health & Saftey Boards

Health and safety is an important part of any industry, but particularly so in the industrial sector; a major hazards industry. The LED Studio's Health & Safety Display boards cite can help towards reducing the number of dangerous incidents, injuries and damages by displaying important safety advice as a key focus promoting the industry’s absolute commitment to continually improving process safety standards.

Transparent reporting of safety performance and learning from accidents and incidents is achieved through information sharing and the displaying of incidents or accidents with a set time period, like the lost time since incident or accident (LTI, LTA), Glossary cite




Our expertise and resource means as well providing monitoring and reporting software it also enables us to inteface our systems to well known and bespoke SCADA cite packages so being able to utilise existing monitoring and control software if it is already in place. We can either poll the data from these existing systems and manipulate it to show in whatever format is desired or simply clone what is currently being displayed on PC screens and show it in far greater, brighter, eye-catching formats for all to see


Industrial Interfacing and Display information Systems

SCADA Control for LED Production Display and Monitoring System
The LED Studio, can use a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) packages to carry out production line monitoring and reporting as well as the control of a production line LED display board and ANDON systems.
Using LED Displays in the Lean Manufacturing Environment
The LED Studio can provide the Displays, Andons, Software and Data Acquisition products that can quickly implement and improve the Lean process in any environment by displaying important figures and measurements to both the shop floor and management alike.
Our LED displays can be used to provide concise driver information such as queuing information, priorities, pickup times, departure times, wait times, Lorry directions and any other specific dock door status. Information is derived from either the despatcher or the WMS program based on scheduling, dock availability and load priorities for each facility. This would replace the use of a simple dock number or flashing light.
Stock Streamlining
Being able to visually and immediately see all aspects of your warehousing environment can help to streamline your business when providing such data as order fulfillment, data measurement, material flow. Results can be acheived in such areas as movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal.
Protocol Conversion
Bespoke Software Solutions
Utilise your existing shop floor operator interface systems
Run standard Windows applications such as Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.
Flexible configuration to accommodate your ever changing needs
Rugged Design
ANDON Integration
LED Production Counters
LED Health & Safety Boards
Kanban Boards
Electronic Whiteboards
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