Totally transparent high-tech glass façade with integrated LED's creating a seamless LED Display visual experience anywhere. Natural light and media content collide to enhance userbility and unique design into architecture: Animate any structure with the latest LED technology never missing an advertising opportunity.

Unique in it's total transparency and abilty for the media content to radiate from both sides as the LEDs are integrated into the glass laminate. Transparent conductors, also embedded are used vua a PC to control the content, then content such as Logos, text messages and media animations can be displayed on both the outside as well of the inside.

The Advertising - Architectural breakthrough of the future – available today





Creativity without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising

Jef I. Richards


LED Glass - Artistic Advertising


See the full colour demo below


LED Glass Technical Details

Glass Formats
max. outer dimension of conducting glass: 1200 x 3200 mm
Thickness Carrierglass
4 or 6 mm (standard), also available as toughened safety glass or heat strengthened glass
Composite Material
resin laminate, 2 mm
LED Colours
white (standard) / warm white / red / blue / green. 
display and graphics available upon request. 
Power Supply
external power supply, output voltage depending on design 12/24/48 VDC. 
inside -, outside- & moisture-proof application possible. 

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