The LED Studio - Health & Safety LED Board Glossary of Terms

Data Element Acronym Definition
Number of lost
time accidents
LTA An accident or an injury that causes an employee
to miss his/her next regularly scheduled
work day/shift. Accidents or injuries outside
the company premises are not counted.
Fatalities F Number of workplace accidents or injuries that
lead to the death of an employee. In the event
of a fatality, 365 days lost should be recorded.
Number of
days lost
DLA Number of work shift/days lost due to LTA.
Counted shall be only days on regularly scheduled
work. (Weekends or free days are not
severity rate
ASR Number of days lost/number of lost time
accidents ASR = DLA ÷ LTA
Incidence rate IR IR = (LTA ÷ HC) x 100 (Head Count
calculated as a rolling average for the last
12 months.)
Frequency Rate FR FR = LTA ÷ Worked Hours x 106
Worked Hours WH The actual total number of hours worked by
all employees including overtime, during the
current calendar year.
Headcount HC Headcount refers to the total number of persons
with whom the company has an employment
contract/agreement at the end of each
respective reporting occasion (quarter), irrespective
of whether the employment is temporary,
part-time or full- time. Please note that
employees who are long term absent, those
on parental leave and replacements should be
included in headcount. Students, apprentices,
seasonal workers and summer jobs should
be included. All employees in the joint venture
companies are to be reported by country and
company. Data for temporary employees
employed through a third party should be
shown separately.



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