LED Health & Safety Signs and Statistics board Solutions.


Why are Safety Signs displaying statistics important?

Safety Signage and Display Boards are one of the main means of communicating health and safety information. This includes the use of LED Signs and Displays to display current statistics, alert signals (e.g. visual fire alarms), displaying health & Safety guidelines, eyecatching marking of dangerous areas or substances and for wayfinding purposes.

In view of their importance, it is critical that all health & Safety Signs, Notices and Signals can be easily seen and understood. LED Displays provide the perfect solution for this being bright, bold, eye-catching, highly visual from long distances and easily updatable

Health & Safety Signs are not just a convenience, but a Legal obligation

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 regulations require employers to provide specific Safety Signs whenever there is a risk that has not been avoided or controlled by other means, e.g. by engineering controls and safe systems of work.

Where Signs are used employers must ensure:
signs are maintained. Any defective or faded signs should be replaced.
explain unfamiliar signs to employees to ensure they understand the meaning and actions to be taken in connection with them.
The Regulations apply to all places and activities where people are employed, but exclude signs and labels used in connection with the supply of substances, products and equipment or the transport of dangerous goods.

Again the advantage of LED Displays is obvious. These displays are brighter, more authoritive, can be updated to suit their situation, do not need maintaining and have no fading of print.

Full Legistation → The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 cite.

Learning from Health & Safety efficiency

One of the main safety indicators in industry is the Lost Time due to Accidents (LTA). Being able to calculate and keep track of these figures is important as they can then then be displayed to employees and visitors to show that regulations are being met, morale or areas to improve, highlighted further such perameters as FR(Frequency rate) and Incidence Rate (IR).
The LED Studio provides the solution as a single display board. Using user defined figures the display will calculate and display all desired current data Health & Safety metrics. These LED Health & Safety boards have many different programming options, all fields can be user defined and can be embost with the respective companies logo or motto in a weather resistant vinyl.

LED Health & Safety Board
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