LED Sports Scoreboard Displays

Perimeters to Pavilions in LED


LED scoreboard solutions are an all important addition to any sports venue providing vital scoring statistics or promotions.

We aim to enhance the visual viewing experience to both spectators and operators alike

Offering a large range of event equipment, our solutions cover all venues offering from Large LED Screens, LED Perimeter Boards, Substitution Boards, Custom LED Scoreboards to Event Coverage all of which can be controlled and staffed by us or easily operated from our bespoke control software, either PC or app based.



A Revolutionary LED Display


Infinite Options
Our comprehensive range of LED scoreboards are fully customisable to meet any sport or event and provide clear, easily visible time and scoring information to spectators.
LED scoreboards can be controlled either through a software application running on a personal computer or from a hand held transmitter / Smartphone/ Pad App. The link between the controller system and scoreboard can be specified to best suit the application, but can be specified as cable or wireless.
All our systems are ruggedised to the environment they will be used in, resistant to the weather and knocks and hits that the equipment can receive in a sports environment
Economic Ownership
Together with the reliability,easy installation and maintenance, the energy efficiency of our LED Scoreboards delivers a low cost of ownership. 
Power Provisions
We can accommodate a wide range of power inputs, for example: AC100-240V,50/60Hz, battery and/or solar
Any Sport Accommodated
Football, Futsal, Golf, Badminton, Cricket, Darts, Netball, Basketball, Martial Arts, Swimming, Tennis, Shooting, Rugby, Hockey, Gymnastics, Sailing........
Event Coverage
The LED Studio LED Screens can be either purchased or rented to show event coverage drawing on either pre-recorded material, live broadcast streams or direct camera feed. These screens can be scaled and sized to absolutely any size desired.
Ultra High Brightness
Portable or fixed applications
Customisable Scoreboard Software
PC, Tablet or remote controlled
Multi use Scoreboards
Stadium, Event or Gymnasium
Match/Event Support Available


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