LED Display Loading Bay Call forward System

Lorry Queueing LED Display System


LED Display queuing systems stand at the front of logistics operations at point of delivery or dispatch managing the queues and correct coordination of freight vehicles to their corresponding destination points. In organisations such as warehouses, depots, ports and logistics centres where a heavy congestion of freight traffic can build up, LED Displays serve to keep waiting vehicles informed of their line status so they are primed to move upon request when their number is displayed or flashing on the display. This also improves the safety aspect of the area.

LED Loading Bay Call forward Displays are made with Ultra bright LED’s so they can be seen at distance and adverse weather conditions with a wide viewing for large concourses. All systems are customisable, dynamic, can be networked together and be branded.


Bespoke LED Queueing System


Ultra Bright LED's
Keypad or PC operation
Company Branding
Ceiling Mountable
Rugged Design
Wide Viewing Angle

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