World first bezel-free full HD LED TV

Super large sizes: 138"and 165"




  • 1. Bezel-free  native 1080P, 4K and customized resolution LED videowall system.
  • 2. Ultimate visual performance with 16 bit grey scale, 3840 Hz refresh rate and 3000:1 contrast ratio.
  • 3. Wide color gamut helps to reproduce the true nature color.Die-casting aluminum panel, features slim profile and light weight, fast to install.
  • 4. Dot by dot calibration ensures excellent color and brightness uniformity.
  • 5. Supporting multiple signal inputs.
  • 6. Low power consumption, environment friendly.
  • 7. Natural heat dissipation mechanism enables fan-less design, no noise.
  • 8. Power and signal back-up available for mission-critical applications.
  • 9. 24/7 reliability, 100,000hrs life span at least.





lsi-TV- led-display-screen




Super size Super TV

Standard size 138" ,165". Due to its modular design, tailored sizes are also available, no size limit

led tv pitches

Smart, Modular, Commercial or Home use


lsi-panel applications



Upanel features multiple signal interfaces such as AV\VGA\DVI\HDMI\HD-SDI\DP\YPbPr So, Apple TV, Google TV, X-BOX, Computer and various other smart platforms are supported.


  • Upanel is a plug and play device,easy for corporate and home theater use
  • Modular design, easy to assemble,disassemble and transport
  • Upanel series LED super TV employs self-luminous LED technology, which is the latest technology in TV industry


Specifications Upanel HD165" Upanel HD138"


Screen Resolution Aspect Ratio
Screen Size (Diagonal) Screendimension Optimum Viewing Angle Brightness
Color Temperature


1920x 1080
36S9mm(w) x 20S8mm(h) x 7Smm(d) H:16S0             ;V:16S0
800 nits (Adjustable)
3000K-10000K  (Adjustable)


1920 x 1080
3049mm(w) x 171Smm(h) x 7Smm(d) H: 16S0   ; V:16S0
800 nits (Adjustable)
3000K-1OOOOK (Adjustable)

Grey Level Refresh Rate Contrast Ratio

;o.2000Hz 3000:1

;o.2000Hz 3000:1

Ave.Power Consumption Screen Weight
Panel Weight

3.1kW per 1080P screen 270kg

2.1SkW per 1080P screen 187.Skg

IP Rating



Unit PanelSize
Unit PanelResolution

W609.92mm x H343.08mm(Diagonal 27.S") 320 x 180

W609.92mm x H343.08mm(Diagonal 27.S") 384x216

Operating Temperature Relative Humidity  Power Supply
Input Signal

AC 110-220V (± 1S%) AV,VGA ,DVl,HDMl,DP,SDI

O'C-+4S'C 10-90%RH
AC 110-220V (± 1S%)


This display speaks for itself!




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