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Our new colour display can show 15 colours. They are an economical, cheap LED Sign solution, but highly effective, energy efficient, robust and rugged form of information or advertising. These provide a highly effective form of expression with minimal outlay. Using the latest LED technology with super-bright, wide angled viewing. LED's provide exceptional visibility outdoors even on sunny days. Editing can be done simply by a USB keyboard or minimal spec PC (the PC does not need to stay connected to the sign after the message(s) have been sent). The device has an internal memory which keeps the clock / calendar accurate and means the displays will retain their last message if the power is lost. They have a unique ability to display the text either vertically or horizontally

These types of LED Signs or Displays are sold into many different sectors such as: Shop Windows, Schools, Library's, Offices, Takeaways, Restaurants, Doctors Surgeries etc.

Full Support is provided throughout the life of your display.



Functions and Effects

Available languages
English, Polish, Russian, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, Italian.
New 3D Effects
Zoom effect
Pulsation effect
Changing the current text into new text by rotating through 180-degrees
Text rotation through 360 degrees
Text can be displayed vertically
Up to 20,000 characters are stored in the internal memory
All messages are saved after power failure
Variable text scrolling speed
Brightness scale from 1 to 10 (auto)
Page pause time of 1 second or longer
Special features like arrow up, down, right, left, currency etc
Stars separate the end from the beginning of advertising slogans
Can be used inside or outside
High brightness with auto dimming
Display the current time, date or temperature





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