OEE Displays systems for Manufacturing

The LED Studio – Mastering the art of data display


The LED Studio is a wise choice for OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) displays systems. With 20 years in both the LED Display and Data Acquisition industry we can expertly measure, record and display any signal from any input.


OEE in Lean Manufacturing

OEE outlines the true percentage of production time; 100% being optimal performance. It takes into account evert loss such as Time, Down Time, Quality and Speed and presenting a true a representation for manufacturing that is solely productive. A calculation is made between the productive time and compared to planned time:

Availability x Performance x Quality

Or in their simplest form:

(Ideal Cycle Time x Good Pieces) / Planned Production Time

This simple OEE calculation can result in the manufacturing of only good parts, as fast as possible, with no down time, thus giving a perfect OEE score of 100%

 Traditionally these figure have been collated, compared and viewed by management bodies alone for important KPI figures or production planning, but it has also proved to be highly productive to display these figure in real time to the shop floor giving a faster time reaction to down time and meeting performance targets; LED Displays are the perfect medium for this.
For free worked examples, templates, spreadsheets, and other tools visit: www.oee.com/resource-center.



OEE LED Display System

The LED Studio – LED Displays for manufacturing

The collective of Display and Signage experts that is The LED Studio gives us the means to design, manufacture and implement display solutions to meet the needs of any industry. We have a long history in providing rugged, real time presentation boards for all types of manufacturing. LED displays for OEE can be standalone with all calculations done within the display firmware. Also see:

The DAQ Studio – Data Acquisition for Manufacturing

The DAQ Studio is an operational partner of the LED Studio. With a self designed product base from 1987, the Alpha™ system is still one of the fastest and most reliable in the industry with a worldwide installation history of units in factories, power stations and rail networks reliably reporting important information unattended for many years. www.thedaqstudio.com

Software can either be tailor made to customer requirements by our in-house software technicians or by our renowned software partners. Both our LED Display systems and Data Acquisition systems can be interfaced with all major factory (SCADA) software packages.



Long Viewing distance
Data logging
Audible alerts
Real time reporting
Any Size, Colour
Food industry grade compliant
Historical Analytics
TAKT time
Downtime warnings

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