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The LED studio's SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)solution can be either internal or external to us. We have our own internal software skills to tailor a bespoke software package to your needs, but also have no problem interfecing with existing external packages.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) can be defined as a computer system for gathering and analyzing real time data or industrial control system (ICS) that is used to control and keep track of an industrial process or entire plant environment in industries like energy, transport, water and waste control, telecommunications, food production, process and oil and gas refining.

A SCADA system usually consists of the following subsystems:

Now The LED Studio can add to this list

SCADA is primarily a computer based system continuously gathering and analysing data in real-time, processing and reporting it.
Traditionally this data is logged on a server or printed, te LED Studio can expand on this by presenting this data to the entire shop floor or individual workstation, the benefits of this being that the operator or line manager/ supervisor is able to respond respond to a situation with immediate effect reducing down time and continued problems carrying on through the line. The alert process can be further enhanced with the added options of sirens or klaxons to be triggered at determined points


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