Standard LED Displays

Multi Colour LED - Mono Colour LED | Single Line LED - Multi Line LED

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Please choose from the options above: Multi Colour LED's or Mono Colour LED's Displays


Our standard LED displays come in a range of colours, sizes and for both indoor and outdoor applications. Using ultra bright high quality LED's the displays can be seen from a distance and in direct sunlight capturing the interest of passing trade.

With the easy to use software or keyboard the displays can be used for multiple applications such as Clocks, Temperature Displays, Countup / Countdown, Timers cite etc

The displays can be easily interfaced and integrated into a customers own software environment as our protocols are readily available.

Scheduling is standard so particular messages can be displayed at key times to attract or alert select audiences or simply to blank the display saving energy in inactive periods.

A range of easy communication methods and mounting brackets are available.


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