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Technichal Support

We are proud to offer an outstanding customer support service we can take pride in. Formed from a time served team of engineers, the LED Studio understands the need for a timely fix to any problem that may occur and a long term solution for future prevention. Most situations can be diagnosed over the phone quickly bringing your system back to optimum display performance. Our experienced Field Technicians are also available for full support, training,repairs or installation on-site.

Remote Monitoring

Being able to know the status of displays in the field gives a huge advantage in both preventitive mainenance and also downtime, being able to give an immediate resposnse.Our LED display screen product series now feature advanced diagnostics reporting and providing a number of sophisticated applications that allow remote monitoring, notification and control of any display with a network connection

These metrics or alerts can be acknoloedge via email, text or app. A number of self-diagnostic tests are constantly performed by the system and will notify the us, the user or both about errors or the general working status of such components as:

  • The sending card, receive cards, monitoring cards and multi-function cards
  • Temperature, humidity, smoke, and other environmental parameters of the cabinets
  • Power voltage, fan speed, Pixel health and connection reliability of inter-module signal cables

A realtime image of the display can also be captured by the use of an IP Camera connected to the display system and can be viewed from any phone, tablet or PC.


Display Support

We supply parts and offer support not only for the displays presently sold by us, but for most displays on the market and legacy support. . Contact us today to see how we can assist you update, retrofit, repair or replace your display defects.







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