Emotion Recognition Software Will Tailor Digital Out-of-Home
Advertising Messages to a Person’s Mood

UNITED KINGDOM—March 3, 2011—According to a new report by The Centre for Future Studies, a UK-based consulting firm, within the next 12 months we will see a revolution in digital outdoor advertising media starting with advertising tailored to respond to a person’s mood.

The report is predicting that by 2012, digital out-of-home media will rapidly begin to adopt technologies that include smart signage that will be enabled with emotion recognition software that will adjust a signs message depending on the facial expression of the viewer. In addition, Near-Field Communications (NFC) will enable customized messaging between digital signage and mobile devices. These enhanced brand experiences are just around the corner according to the just released Up Front and Personal Report, commissioned by 3M|GTG, a UK-based digital out-of-home specialist and division of 3M.

The report is based on 21 in-depth interviews with leading industry technologists, advertisers, and media professionals and concluded that a totally new form of advertising, dubbed “Glad-vertising” by the report’s authors, will be one of the first innovations to arrive. Gladverts are digital outdoor advertising that reacts to consumers’ moods, by combining emotion recognition software (ERS) and cameras that detects a consumer’s mood state and then tailors the advertising to their mood. Gladvertising technology uses a face-tracking algorithm to match movements of the eyes and mouth to six expression patterns corresponding to happiness, anger, sadness, fear, surprise or disgust. This allows marketers to influence consumers with tailored advertising. For example, if the system identifies unhappy consumers walking towards a digital billboard, advertising for a sunny holiday vacation might be displayed.

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