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‘Location. Location Location’ is ever more prevalent with billboards as it is with property. For many years our roadsides have been slowly filling with poster campaigns on large static billboards, these billboards, although very well placed can often be hard to access or potentially dangerous for  the workers that constantly have to change the ever changing material that is the nature of the advertising market, LED Display Billboards have the answer to over coming this with the added bonuses of saving on printing costs (simply displaying the picture that would need producing anyway to be printed), being easily and dynamically updated from any location, are bright, vibrant and eye-catching, can support multiple advertising and can support added features such as time, date, weather or news etc. With all these prime sites already taken, the obvious step would to to modernise.


The LED Studio offers a billboard replacement system that is half the weight of conventional cabinets meaning it can easily be ‘tacked’ on to the front of existing billboard structures. As well as the lightweight aluminium construction it also draws about half the power consumption, with just these two factors in mind a customer can easily recoup their ROI, saving on the cost of both printing and and labour.

I addition, these displays are extremely rugged being IP68 rated on both front and rear, they are fully front serviceable (even power supplies and circuitry are removable from the front; unusual in the industry), they are made of a modular construction system meaning any size is achievable or could be expanded by adding to at a later date. A vibrant colour uniformity, high refresh rate and scan rate make for an intense eye catching experience for the passer by in a way that posters or banners just cannot compete with. Click here for more information


LED Billboards  are now designed and made for continuous, constant use in any environment, operating  24 hours a day, with a lifespan of around 100,000 hours of use (around 11 years). LED Billboards are now highly visible in  bright sunlight with contrasting automatic brightness sensors for night time dimming.

Acting just like a PC monitor they reproduce and scale any file that can be shown on the PC with an almost unlimited capacity.  Digital advertisement can be shown in frames and segments booked in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years and of course changed dynamically in real time via the network or even 3G.

. For more information contact The LED Studio

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