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Want to make a big bold first impression with maximum visual impact?
The LED Studio team can design, build and install the most innovative and creative unique LED displays, your imagination is the only limit.

We love to rise to a creative challenge drawing upon all our vast collective engineering and digital experience. Ranging from large iconic billboard structures to indoor artistic creations, we are able to work closely with you using any material, in any environment to realise all desired designs.

In-depth knowledge in all areas of digitisation means we have a strong skill set in product technology, communications, software and design to best enhance your brand or vision to give maximum impact.



Flexible LED | Any Letter | Any Shape | Any Angle | Any Size | Any Location | Any Environment

Any Shape, Any Size, Anywhere

 We have full technical design capabilities to bring visual imagery to life, continually pushing the boundaries. From rigid, so semi rigid, fully flexible, transparent panels, to concave, convex or just about any shape any project needs, we can design, manufacture and integrate.  

 As each project is unique, and the more unique a project, the more it will stand out, we go that extra mile to come up with custom solutions beyond the norm. Working with designers, architects and engineers we aim to achieve all concepts using our LED Display solutions. 

Outstanding Features

Flexible or Firm

Modules can be produced in either a rigid or highly flexible format so can be wrapped around pillars for example.

Superior Contrast Ratio

Advanced mask technology together with top quality LED’s and top processing means we can achieve superior contrast ratios. 

Superior Power Efficiency

The use of PFC power supplies, high quality LED’s, cables and aluminium cabinets provide a very power efficient system.

High Brightness

An enclosed rear to to cabinet gives IP65 protection from dust and moisture extending the life of the product as well as hiding all cables.

Slim & Lightweight

The Slim and lightweight plus discrete cable management design means not only a thin, appealing installation, but also big cost savings on transportation. 

Auto Colour and Brightness Control

Whether indoor or out, , shaded, partially or in direct sunlight part the perimeter display can automatically adjust its chroma and brightness settings according to its environment to ensure an even brightness and colour.


Unique bracket designs as well as optional smaller cabinets makes the screens curveable, both convex and concave.

Front or Rear Serviceable 

All modules, hub cards, power supplies and receive cards are all serviceable from the front of the display.

Power and Signal Redundancy

Power redundancy as well as dual signal inputs ensure constant system stability and eliminate downtime.

Flexible LED

Semi Rigid Module

Semi Flexible Module

Flexible Module Black

Flexible Module White





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