Light Pollution Blackout Technology

Omit light from neighbouring communities

Light Pollution Blackout Technology

LEDFocal Technology

Our revolutionary Fusion digital billboard has the option of our unique Focal Technology ensuring there is no light pollution outside the range of the advertisement allowing the installation of digital billboards in locations where nearby residents could be disturbed by light pollution. This solution allows for greater chances of planning permissions being granted in areas not previously allowed or thought of.


Forefront of technology

Why our technology exceeds that of others

  • Unlike traditional solutions crudely using louvres to reduce light spread our advanced lens solution efficiently adjusts the horizontal and vertical viewing angles so as to achieve a specific lighting pattern saving energy while reduces light pollution.  
  • Made with the highest quality anti-UV polycarbonate material to ensure dust and snow will simply be self-cleaned when it next rains and also to avoids cracks on the lens preventing them from yellowing under long exposure to strong sunlight. 
  • High-performance optical lens design – The light is emitted with a superior high luminance ratio resulting in an ultra low power consumption of Max 300w/sqm at a brightness of 15000nits. 
  • Contrast ratio of up to 15000:1.


24/7 Pro-Active Advanced Monitoring


Any Environment, Anywhere


Full Sttructural Design Service

Extended Warranties

3, 5 and 7 year warranties

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