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Outstanding Future-proof design

Our high definition, dynamic small pitch LED displays  create unforgettable visual experiences.  Each panel is made to a 16:9 ratio and fully front serviceable with hot swappable parts and cable-less module design. 

 They can be made as high bright for window applications making them perfect for such applications as retail or presentation screens in highly sun lit atriums.

High Refresh | Superior Grayscale | Slim Profile | Topcoat Protection | Data & Power Redundancy

Efficient Maintenance

Being engineers we fully appreciate the importance of an easily maintainable display, for this reason our indoor displays are completely, fully front service.

Modules are removable either using are magnetic or vacuum tools, once removed all components including the hub card, receive card and power supplies are easily removed and replaced.



All modules are removed by placing either our magnetic or vacuum tool on the face of them and gently releasing from their cableless data socket



All parts including hub card, receive cards and power supplies are accessible when the modules are removed and easily replaced in seconds.



 Simply replace the module after servicing, the module will snap back into place, no cabled plugs needed and the screen will resume display


Outstanding Features


Our indoor LED Displays are fanless meaning that they not only draw less power, but run silently for sensitive environments.

Cableless Technology

 A cableless connection between the modules and the cabinets via a hot plug makes for a quicker install, maintenance and lower EMC.

Slim Profile

A lightweight and ultra slimline design provides for a sleek install and easily manageable logistics as the cabinets are easily stackable.

 Rear Protection & cable routing

An enclosed rear to to cabinet gives IP65 protection from dust and moisture extending the life of the product as well as hiding all cables.

Topcoat Technology

Topcoat Technology adds an extra layer of protection to the LED modules, protecting against impact, reduces pixel failure and improves viewing angles.

Superior Power Efficiency

The use of PFC power supplies, high quality LED’s, cabless design and die-cast aluminium cabinets provide a very power efficient system. 


Unique bracket designs as well as optional smaller cabinets makes the screens curveable, both convex and concave.

Fully Front Servicable

 All modules, hub cards, power supplies and receive cards are all serviceable from the front of the display.

Refresh Rates

 A high refresh rate of 3840Hz ensures a high visual performance for photography as well as broadcast.

High Brightness Under Low Gray Scale

High quality LED’s combined with PWM driver IC’s gives us excellent gray scale and rich colours even under a low brightness’

Power and Signal Redundancy

Power redundancy as well as dual signal inputs ensures constant system stability and eliminates downtime.


 As our modules are a generic size they can be upgraded easily to finer pixel pitches, no need to re-install, no cabinet or controller change.


“Our constant commitment to quality has lead us to setup The LED Studio China. With a local presence to manufacture, our team of experts can keep constant control of not only our own facilities, but that of any other manufacturer we may choose to outsource too, giving us ultimate quality assurance”

The LED Studio

“At The LED Studio we are a solution-orientated team, focused on doing what it takes to align our customer aspirations with our own standards for operational excellence.”

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