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Keep Pace With Accelerating Technology

With the ever accelerating pace of technology in the LED industry and the endless choice of  display companies popping up in China like mushrooms, all with the best products in the market, how do you choose which best suits your project or business needs?

What if your company does not yet have the expertise or resources to navigate this minefield and best evaluate which technologies are the most reliable, can provide you with the best USP’s against your competitors and can guarantee you the best ROI?

 The LED is made up of industry experienced LED display technologists, engineers and integrators, headquartered in the UK, but with a global reach.We have more than fifteen years’ experience translating digital concepts into long lasting, quality digital experiences. We guide and educate organisations through all aspects of technology, precurement, project management, planning permission (if needed), installion and full training on maintenance to ensure the longevity of the product(s).

Consultancy with Style

The LED Studio is made up of experienced engineers and technologists, able to take your LED Display initiatives from design, manufacture or precurement to conception, and then though the lifespan on your completed project with maintenance programs and continual product improvement. We specialise in in core technologies, project management, manufature, installation and design.

Outstanding Unique Design

Outside the remit of the scope given, at The LED we like to go beyond convention and exceed in all aspects of design to supply an extensive package detailing all critical points, health and safety, branding, materials and finishings. with all engineering considerations, infrastructure challenges, communication requirements, critical timelines, ROI, ongoing servicing and maintenance requirements and environmental factors to create a unique spectacular.

Pre Cost Calculations

Ensuring constant communication is kept at every key stage with strict control on all financial documentation, stakeholders are able to make strategic budgetary decisions and determinations either pre tender, project progression or crucial design decisions. All pricing and procurement comes from vast industry experience and an in depth engineering knowledge resulting in our customers always knowing the full cost of ownership and precisely what the project will look like before heavy investment is made or sent to tender. We can also produce factoring plans that account for critical financial factors such as ROI, TOC and potential advertising revenue.

Piece of Mind

With our comprehensive documentation we aim to go way beyond just product specifications to provide long-term security and peice for all projects provinding protection for customer through palpable performance metrics and surity. The LED Studio provides a hands on guidance through all processes from design, procurement, maufacture, build, construction, commissioning and maintenance. For all our LED displays, our standards are the most exacting in the industry and we provide all customers with legitimate safeguards to account for any quality issues may they occur, even after project completion.

Innovation through engineering passion



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