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The LED Studio’s LED Mid Tier Ribbon Display’s are the natural progression on from the proven pitch perimeter displays. Our solution to run along the mid tier seating sections can be of varying LED pitches and can me made bespoke for for varying venues by being either top or bottom serviceable for in match service if needed. They are very easy to install and can display both static images and video, as well as scoring information.

Top, Front, Rear or Botom Serviceable

Our comprehensive range of LED scoreboards are fully customisable to meet any sport or event and provide clear, easily visible time and scoring information to spectators.


LED scoreboards can be controlled either through a software application running on a personal computer or from a hand held transmitter / Smartphone/ Pad App. The link between the controller system and scoreboard can be specified to best suit the application, but can be specified as cable or wireless.


All our systems are ruggedised to the environment they will be used in, resistant to the weather and knocks and hits that the equipment can receive in a sports environment

Economic Ownership

Together with the reliability,easy installation and maintenance, the energy efficiency of our LED Scoreboards delivers a low cost of ownership.

Power Provisions

We can accommodate a wide range of power inputs, for example: AC100-240V,50/60Hz, battery and/or solar

Any Sport Accommodated

Football, Futsal, Golf, Badminton, Cricket, Darts, Netball, Basketball, Martial Arts, Swimming, Tennis, Shooting, Rugby, Hockey, Gymnastics, Sailing……..

Event Coverage

The LED Studio LED Screens can be either purchased or rented to show event coverage drawing on either pre-recorded material, live broadcast streams or direct camera feed. These screens can be scaled and sized to absolutely any size desired.

Ultra High Brightness

Easy and Safe to Install

Customisable Scoreboard Software

PC, Tablet or remote controlled

Stadium, Arena or Gymnasium

Match/Event Support Available

advanced infrared technology for virtual overlays

Using inbuilt IR technology in the LED Studio’s high class Pitch Perimeter Systems allows for the use of virtual overlays yo show different content to different audiences and augmented reality advertising.


“Our stadium display technology, combined with a unique content production and match day support, provides a complete turn-key stadium solution. “


Outstanding Features

Precision Image Quality

A specially designed lensing over each LED hugely reduces the reflection from sunlight, defleting it insted of absorbing, ensuring the highest contrast ratio and clearer images. 

Aluminium Plated Modules

Our LED modules are manufatured with an aluminiun plate to the rear, heat is dissipated via the plate taking the heat away from the components providing longevity, better stability and making the modules completely moister free.

Top or Bottom Serviceable

All components can be convenienty  and safely lifted out and changed from the top by leaning over the units or from belowduring match play for an easy fix if needed. 

Rear Protection & Cable Routing

Discrete rear cabling avoides interference from spectators or photographers whilst also maintaining a sleek, smooth look to the rear of the cabinets.


Aluminum precision cut cabinets provide a slim, lightweight profile, but built to wthstand the frequent handling and rugged use of the sports environmernt. 

Superior Power Efficiency

The use of PFC power supplies, high quality LED’s, aluminium plated modules and diecast aluminium cabinets provide a very power efficient system.


Our unique bracket designs enables the Pitch Perimeter system to be both convex and concave.

 A Player gate is also incorporated for easy access and safety procedures.

Quick Install

our quick lock sytem maes the cabinets not only quick and easy to connect to each other, but alo ensures perfect pricision alignment. Panels connect faster, safer and are more secure.

High Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate of 3840Hz ensures a flicker free, high visual performance for photography as well as broadcast.

Auto Colour and Brightness Control

Whether indoor or out, , shaded, partially or in direct sunlight part the perimeter display can automatically adjust its chroma and brightness settings according to its environment to ensure an even brightness and colour.

Power and Signal Redundancy

Power redundancy as well as dual signal inputs ensure constant system stability and eliminate downtime.

IP65 front and rear

We use completely sealed LED modules to avoid any dirt, dust or water ingress or moisture penetration from harsh weather or sprinkler systems. 


“Our constant comittment to quality has lead us to setup The LED Studio China. With a local presence to manufacture, our team of experts can keep constant contrl of not only our own facilities, but that of any other manufacturer we may choose to outsource too, giving us ultimate quality assurance”

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