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Even if you do manage to get the BOM (Bill Of Materials) released to you, how can you faully ensure that what is in that list last will actually go into your display? Well, the LED Studio’s highy expeeienced team not only test all incoming materials, but will also advise and improve upon all apects to enhance your products, then guarantee that the products you ordered are manufactured and delivered on time and to the highest standards. 
By keeping everything transparent we ensure not only all your expectations are met, but you will also get the best possible prices. 

Product Sourcing

Supplier verification,

due diligence check,

product search,

price negotiation,

sample preparation.

Order Monitoring

Sampling process,

order validation,

merchandizing control,

schedule follow-up,

daily communication.

Manufacturing Control

Prototype development,

trial run control,

mass production control,

online monitoring.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Component supply verification

Physical dimension checking

Screen performance against specification

Bill of Materials / Bill of Lading

Chromaticity / Conformity testing


Stay Ahead of Modern Technology

With our stylish new office in Shenzhen, our  team of highly skilled, quality control inspectors, auditors and engineers provide Quality Assurance & Control services China-wide.

We warmly welcome you to our office located in heart of the China’s technology sector or alternatively, let one of our global account managers manage your entire process via remote video conference.

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British standards in the heart of Shenzhen, China



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