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Outstanding Futureproof designs

Our outdoor LED displays are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions by incorporating fully immersible IP66 modules and plugs in an anti corrosive aluminium framework whilst providing stunningly superior visual performance.

 we can boast some of the, if not the most thinnest lightest outdoor displays in the market. 

Selecting only the highest grade, energy efficient components and materials our screens are not only visually perfect with blacker blacks because of superior contrast and perfect uniformity of whiter whites, but they are also brighter and longer lasting, perfect for applications such as advertising or Sports venues where high quality, dynamic content is a must. 

IP66 modules | slimmer, light | Front or Rear access | Remote Monitoring and Content Updates | Low Power Consumption







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Outstanding Features

Sealed Modules

Our indoor LED Displays are fanless meaning that they not only draw less power, but run silently for sensitive environments.

Superior Contrast Ratio

Advanced mask technology together with top quality LED’s and top processing means we can achieve superior contrast ratios. 

Metric or Imperial Sizes

We can manufacture in both metric or imperial sizes to supply to an international market and  retrofit or replace any existing system. 

High Brightness

An enclosed rear to to cabinet gives IP65 protection from dust and moisture extending the life of the product as well as hiding all cables.

Slim & Lightweight

The Slim and lightweight plus discrete cable managements design means not only a thin, appealing installation, but also big cost savings on transportation. 

Superior Power Efficiency

The use of PFC power supplies, high quality LED’s, cables and aluminium cabinets provide a very power efficient system.


Unique bracket designs as well as optional smaller cabinets makes the screens curveable, both convex and concave.

Fully Front Serviceable

 All modules, hub cards, power supplies and receive cards are all serviceable from the front of the display.

High Refresh Rates

 A high refresh rate of 3840Hz ensures a high visual performance for photography as well as broadcast.

Auto Colour and Brightness Control

Whether indoor or out, , shaded, partially or in direct sunlight part the perimeter display can automatically adjust its chroma and brightness settings according to its environment to ensure an even brightness and colour.

Power and Signal Redundancy

Power redundancy as well as dual signal inputs ensure constant system stability and eliminate downtime.

IP65 front and rear

We use completely sealed LED modules to avoid any dirt, dust or water ingress or moisture penetration from harsh weather or sprinkler systems. 


“Our constant commitment to quality has lead us to setup The LED Studio China. With a local presence to manufacture, our team of experts can keep constant contrl of not only our own facilities, but that of any other manufacturer we may choose to outsource too, giving us ultimate quality assurance”

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