The largest 16:9 Aspect Ratio, single unit, 55" LED panel in the world. Easily delivers seem-less, future-proofed video walls .

4x fewer components
4x quicker to install

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The Edge is the World’s first LED display technology to challenge the dominance of LCD technology and outshine it. The Edge 16:9 cabinets deliver seamless display sizes from 55” upwards, offering an outstanding visual display solution. The innovative technological design of The Edge provides a unique number of sustainable features.

The Edge has image reproduction evolution ingrained into its DNA. Featuring a proprietary design, the 55″ Single Die-Cast Cabinets allow the removable modules to be upgraded to higher resolutions at any time, making it the only display in the world to future-proof your initial investment.   

Featuring unique heat-dissipating technology reducing power consumption, the use of plastic and noise pollution


In Any Light

The best view is a consistent view.
The highly bright EDGE Series
generates crisp, clear viewing without
fading or distortion in any ambient
light, whether it’s day or night, bright or dark

High Brightness

A true performer shines bright.
An enhanced peak brightness optimised
with colour refinement, ensures the
display captures attention without
sacrificing the finer details.

800 Nits standard brightness upgradable to 2,000 Nits


Black is the essence of detail. A unique ultra-low reflection black surface technology comes together with an inherently black base to render intense expressions of black for the ultimate contrast.


Colours make up reality. Colour enhancing LED technology with superior colour purity and a wide colour gamut produce vibrant and natural colours for eye-catching, true to-life imagery.

Key Features

Modular Formation

Customise the screen size and shape to fit your desired environment.

Lasting Performance

A lifespan of 100,000 hours with robust durability gives you lasting peace of mind.

Slim Design

A sleek, slim form factor with a needing no mounting kit allows for an easy and seamless integration into any environment.

Easy Maintenance

Direct front access to critical components allows for quick, convenient maintenance.

All Ambient Lighting

Enjoy uninterrupted, perfectly visible viewing with consistent picture quality regardless of the room’s lighting conditions.

180° Viewing Angle

Content remains visible from a wider field of view

Seamless Black Surface

Aesthetically complement any luxury space with a sleek, black surface and bezel-less look.
180 degree viewing angle.

Shock Resistance Technology

A shock-resistant surface protects against dust, water and everyday impact.

Cabinet Size

Configuration Sizes


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