The Edge

55" Single Die-Cast Cabinet - LCD Replacement

In Any Light
The best view is a consistent view.
The highly bright EDGE Series
generates crisp, clear viewing without
fading or distortion in any ambient
light, whether it’s day or night, bright or dark.

Highly Bright
A true performer shines bright.
An enhanced peak brightness optimised
with colour refinement, ensures the
display captures attention without
sacrificing the finer details.

Intense Black
Black is the essence of detail. A
unique ultra-low reflection black
surface technology comes together
with an inherently black base to
render intense expressions of black
for the ultimate contrast.

Pure Colours
Colours make up reality. Colour
enhancing LED technology with
superior colour purity and a wide
colour gamut produce vibrant and
natural colours for eye-catching, trueto-life

Cabinet Size

Configuration Sizes


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