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27.5” Genesis

More than just a display, it’s a vision.

Each component inside the Genesis has been meticulously designed to get the most out of an incredibly versatile and light enclosure. We chose powerful yet highly efficient driver ICs, and optimised the LEDs to use as little power as possible. Because no fan is needed to cool the LED display, we draw on innovative technologies that efficiently eliminates heat.

A LED display that takes everything to the edge.


The stunning 27.5” Genesis LED display is truly something to behold. With over 129 thousand pixels per panel and edge-to-edge LEDs, every image leaps off the screen in rich, vibrant detail. All on an amazingly versatile LED display.

So bright and colourful, you can’t look away.

16.8 millions colours on your display means every photo and video appears just the way it was shot, with super smooth gradient and vastly reduced banding. And now we’ve paired each video processor with adaptive inputs, giving you fluid and exceptionally dark contrast with vibrant and immaculate details. That means more time for what matters most: creating immersive experiences.

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