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Welcome Scott Rohling: US Senior Project Manager

Posted by Ross Noonan|20 Mar 2024

In a world where light and technology intersect to create captivating visual experiences, LED Studio is thrilled to announce the addition of a new star to its team, Scott Rohling. With a career spanning close to three decades in the LED industry, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a unique life story that is as compelling as the displays he has helped to illuminate.

A Journey from Virginia to the UK and Beyond

Born on a military base in Virginia, Scott's early years were shaped by the discipline and mobility that come with being part of an Air Force family. His childhood was spent moving across the globe, including a significant four-year stint in East Anglia, UK, where he first experienced the diversity and richness of different cultures. This nomadic lifestyle equipped Scott with the ability to adapt, meet new people, and forge friendships quickly—a skill set that would prove invaluable in his future career.

Scott reflects on his upbringing with fondness, noting the do-it-yourself environment that surrounded him. "If it's broken, go fix it!" he recalls, a mantra that nurtured his hands-on approach to problem-solving and laid the foundations for his mechanical and electrical prowess.

A Man of Many Talents and Passions

Outside his professional life, Scott is a devoted family man, sharing his life with his wife Susan, who, in his words, "keeps me in line," and their three daughters, one of whom has followed in her father's footsteps into the world of engineering, albeit in the Aerospace sector. Scott's hobbies are as detailed and intricate as his work, from woodworking and carpentry to the meticulous restoration of classic cars, including a '66 MG B and a '74 Porsche 914. These pursuits not only showcase his love for European, particularly British, models but also his dedication to craftsmanship and excellence.

From Journalism & Advertising to Engineering Master

Scott's career trajectory took an unconventional path. Initially venturing into journalism and advertising, he later pivoted and took a degree in mechanical engineering , a decision that catapulted him into the technology industry. His early days were spent installing large format displays for the “Food Court Entertainment Network”, working with bulky 27” Sony displays that tested his physical and technical skills.

“When I look back at what we were installing and what is available now, it’s hard to believe how far the display offerings have come!” Scott adds.

His career took a significant turn in the late 1990s when he joined Saco, a pioneer in DV LED displays used for live events and entertainment. Scott played a key role in delivering Disney’s Wide World of Sports Video Screen and, later, the Baltimore Ravens' stadium project. These experiences honed his expertise in project management, installation, and client relations, making him a formidable force in the LED space.

A Vision for the Future

Scott's journey through the evolution of LED technology, from the early days of through-hole pixel technology to today's high-resolution, ground-level applications, has given him a unique perspective on the industry's potential. "As LED has gone from off-the-ground installs on the side of roads and buildings, and hung in stadiums, to being used at ground level more and more, and with higher resolution, it opens up exciting applications and use cases that weren’t possible before," Scott muses.

At LED Studio, Scott assumes the role of Senior project manager for all US projects, particularly those on a large scale. His day-to-day responsibilities will include not only overseeing project delivery but also supporting and guiding the team as it expands. With 25 years of LED experience under his belt, Scott is perfectly positioned to lead LED Studio's projects to new heights, ensuring that each installation not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

A Warm Welcome to Scott Rohling

LED Studio is beyond excited to have Scott Rohling on board. His unparalleled experience, combined with his dynamic background and personal interests, make him a perfect fit for our team. As we look to the future, we are confident that Scott's contributions will not only enhance our project outcomes but also inspire innovation and creativity within our ranks.

Please join us in welcoming Scott to the LED Studio family. We look forward to the brilliance he will bring to our shared vision of lighting up the world, one LED display at a time.