The EDGE Series fine pitch, indoor LED displays from LED Studio have won eight industry awards for innovation & sustainability

Designed for easy specification & reduced installation complexity, these displays minimise raw material usage and offer energy saving pixel technologies. Ideal for indoor fine pitch applications, including high bright environments, the EDGE Series offers versatile product placement opportunities, and a future-proof design, maximising ROI.

Say goodbye to bezels!

Engineered as a direct replacement for LCD video wall technology, the EDGE Series utilises the world's first and largest single die-cast cabinets, matching the size of the most popular LCD panels (43", 55", and 65"). This allows for retrofitting into existing installations for a seamless, vivid, edge-to-edge image.

Wall or VESA Mountable

All EDGE Series models offer two mounting methods, enabling installation directly onto load-bearing walls or using standard VESA mounts and existing LCD video wall infrastructure. This flexibility speeds up the installation process, ensuring a seamless upgrade to your display setup.

FACT: Did you know LED Studio was the first LED display manufacturer to offer standard VESA fixing points to its EDGE cabinets.

Up to 85% Less Cabinets

Bigger cabinets, means less parts to install. The EDGE Series reduces the number of cabinets needed for large screen installations by up to 85%, significantly simplifying the installation process. This allows you more time to concentrate on fine-tuning and calibrating the display, ensuring a top-quality end result.

Product Placement Flexibility

The EDGE Series offers users a choice of three pixel technologies: SMD, Flip Chip (High Bright), and COB. With brightness levels from 600 to 4000 NITs and pixel pitches ranging from P0.6 to P2.5, the EDGE Series is the most versatile indoor LED display available. Whether you need a screen for a boardroom, lecture theatre, south-facing shop window or an immersive space, the EDGE Series has a configuration to suit you.

Find out more about the different pixel technologies here

Brightness guide

Robust Design

The EDGE Series LED display features advanced pixel protection options with GOB (Glue on Board) or COB (Chip on Board) technologies. These solutions shield against dust, moisture, and impact, ensuring durability and longevity. GOB encapsulates LED modules, while COB integrates chips directly onto the board, providing superior resistance to damage.


LED Studio is dedicated to ending throwaway culture with its innovative V1 Architecture. The EDGE Series supports evolving pixel technologies, including Flip Chip (High Bright) Common Cathode, traditional SMD, and the latest Chip on Board (COB). Upgrades are efficient, requiring replacement of only 30% of the display (modules), while 70% (cabinets) remains unchanged.

Did you know: The EDGE Series's large cabinet designs significantly reduces raw material usage and electrical components by up to 65% compared to traditional 16:9 cabinets.

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