65" EDGE Pro

Indoor Fine Pitch LED Display - 65" - 16:9 Cabinet

Discover the 65" EDGE Pro, designed for rapid deployment and seamless installation. Perfect for fixed installations and digital signage, this large format LED display is ideal for boardrooms, showrooms, and any space where bigger is better. Experience superior visuals and performance with the 65" EDGE Pro, engineered for all your digital signage needs.

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Key Features

  • Energy Saving - Common Cathode Flip Chip
  • HDR Capable
  • High Bright Options - 3500 Nits
  • Multiple Pixel Pitches - P1.25 - P2.5
  • 2 Mounting Methods: Direct Wall or Vesa
  • 100,000 Hours+ Lifetime
  • Slim Design (39mm)
  • Front Service
  • GOB - Ultimate Pixel Protection Technology
  • Lightweight
  • 16:9 Cabinet
  • Supports Dual Power & Data Redundancy

Two LED Technologies

Choose the pixel technology that is right for you

SMD (Common Cathode)

The 65" EDGE Pro uses our highest quality SMD Common Cathode pixel technology. The P.25 pitch with a brightness of 1,200 Nits is the perfect display solution for corporate reception signage, or internal retail digital signage with moderate ambient lighting conditions.

  • 800 - 1200 nits

  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio

  • 3840Hz Refresh Rate

  • 16 Bit Gray Scale

  • GOB Pixel Protection Upgrade

COB (Flip Chip Common Cathode)

For those wishing to save money on running costs, COB is the perfect solution. With exceptional image quality and a pixel protection technology as standard, what's not to like?

Now including high brightness options, the 65" EDGE offer flexible product placement, whether that be a meeting room or shop window.

  • Up to 3500 Nits

  • Up to 40% Energy Saving vs Legacy SMD

  • 4000:1 Contrast Ratio

  • Pixel Protection Technology (As Standard)


The EDGE Series introduces the world's first and largest fixed-install, fine pitch LED display cabinets, available in 43", 54", 55", and now 65" sizes.

This ultimate big screen technology simplifies the creation of stunning displays by reducing the amount of components needed.

The 65" EDGE Series is perfect for digital signage, immersive environments, control rooms, and corporate spaces including meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Simplified Installation

The 65" EDGE Series reduces the number of cabinets needed for big screen installs by as much as 85%, reducing install complexity.

This means you can focus on the fine-tuning and calibration of the display, ensuring a top quality end result.

Dual Power & Signal Redundancy Support

Discover ultra-reliable performance with the 65" EDGE Series, engineered to minimise downtime. Featuring backup power and signal redundancy, these displays are ideal for mission-critical settings such as control rooms and security surveillance, ensuring that you never miss a moment.

*Power & Signal Redundancy - specified at purchase

Fixed Resolutions & Custom Sizes

65" EDGE Pro can achieve familiar resolutions like 1080p, 4k UHD, 8K or custom arrays, shapes and sizes

Pixel Pitch Options P1.25, P1.5, P1.875, P2.5

Two mounting methods

Installation has never been easier

Industry standard VESA fixings or direct wall mounting options enables the 65" EDGE Pro to utilise existing video wall bracketry increasing its eco-friendly credentials as you can retain existing infrastructure.

Additional Features

3,500 Nits Brightness

Enhance your digital signage with our 3,500 nits high-brightness COB technology, designed to deliver stunning visibility and clarity in high ambient light.

Perfect for shop windows or areas with fluctuating light levels, ensuring your content shines brightly, even in direct sunlight.

COB Pixel Protection Technology

COB LEDs are renowned for their exceptional durability, thanks to their unique construction where chips are bonded directly to the substrate. This method ensures a robust and durable connection, similar to the protection offered by GOB (Glue-on-board) technology. Standard for COB LEDs, resin encapsulation safeguards against environmental factors, moisture, and physical damage.

Glue-On-Board (SMD Only)

Upgrading your SMD display with GOB (Glue on Board) offers an array of benefits including significantly improved durability, improved pixel reliability, uniform contrast and wider viewing angles. GOB should be an essential consideration when specifying large format displays into heavy footfall areas, especially if displays are at ground level.


The 65" EDGE Pro LED display is the perfect display solution for an array of applications

Control Room Display Technology

The EDGE Series is the perfect display solution for control rooms or security monitoring.

Whether you are looking for a fixed resolution like 1080p, 4k or a custom size, you can expect a seamless display that offers stunning visuals.

Corporate Display Solutions

By choosing COB pixel technology, you can reduce your running costs, whilst offering crisp visuals perfect for boardrooms, meeting rooms and office applications.

Hospitality Displays

LED displays in hospitality settings captivate guests with vivid visuals, enhancing brand awareness and ambiance.

Their dynamic content boosts engagement, directly influencing customer decisions and driving increased sales.

Retail Digital Signage

Retail digital signage grabs attention with vibrant, dynamic displays, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

Strategically placed, it influences purchasing decisions and boosts sales by showcasing promotions and new products effectively.


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