After 7 Industry Awards All Eyes Are On The EDGE Series - But Why?

Posted by Ross Noonan|07 Feb 2024

As the EDGE Series returns from ISE2024, having picked up its 7th Industry Award in 2 years, we thought it would make sense to break down exactly why this innovative product is getting so much industry attention and the reasons so many industry experts have voted for it, no once, but multiple times over the last two years.

Check out the EDGE Series video here to learn all about its key features

Reason 1: Designed By Installers, For Installers

For those of you that have been hands-on installing LED, you will be familiar with the typical 600mm x 333.7mm 16:9 cabinet that is pretty much standard for most fixed installation fine pitch products.

When installing these, it is not unusual for engineers to combine multiple cabinets together, allowing them to build the screen in larger “building blocks”.

This approach has 3 benefits:

  1. It allows for mechanical adjustments “fettling” and cabinet alignment prior to the cabinets going onto the wall. After 25 years of doing this, we're still waiting for a perfectly flat wall!

Useful tip: We always ensure we have a large piece of MDF in the van and use this as our flat, clean work surface when combining standard cabinets on-site. It makes life much easier!

  1. It significantly reduces the amount of datums and separate parts that may need mechanical adjustment to get single cabinets perfectly aligned, as you now have larger “building blocks”.

  2. It saves time.

There is no need to do the above with the EDGE Series, we saved you the hassle of making "larger building blocks!"

The Flat Panel Video Wall Killer

The EDGE series was designed not just to revolutionise the LED space, but also to kill off the video wall market, because, let's face it, who likes BEZELS?


By creating the world's first and largest, single die-cast cabinets, in the most popular flat panel sizes (43", 55", 65"), and with two familiar mounting methods:

  1. Direct Wall

  2. VESA Mountable (designed to fit existing video wall brackets so you can retain client infrastructure)

How This Looks In The Real World:

 Figure A*, 55" EDGE cabinet in a 2 x 2 array (P1.2 1080p) VS* Figure B*, a conventional 600 x 337.5mm cabinet, in a 4 x 4 array (P1.2 1080p)*

4 Cabinets Vs 16 Cabinets - There Is Only One Winner!

To summarise this section, LED Studio decided to create the world's first and largest single die-cast cabinets to help make specification simple, and installation easier and more efficient.

“These large modules are easy to deploy, with integrated mounting capability and support for VESA standards. I applaud LED Studio, and hope that other AV companies will adopt a similar philosophy of reducing waste and providing upgrade paths without having to replace 100 percent of the previous hardware.” - AVTechnology Judges

Read the full article here

55" EDGE Product Page

Reason 2: A More Eco-Friendly Approach

Future-proofed Design: We’re on a mission to eradicate throwaway culture with our V1 Architecture. This cabinet infrastructure allows for the pixel technologies to evolve as technology progresses, with options for Flip Chip High Bright (4000nits), Common Cathode, and the traditional SMD, allowing you to tailor your display to your exact needs.

If you want to upgrade, or relocate the display, you may need a change of pixel pitch or brightness. With V1 Architecture, only 30% of the display undergoes replacement (the modules), preserving the remaining 70% in its original state. This approach reduces waste, ensuring maximum ROI.

Reduced Raw Materials: Due to the larger cabinet sizes, the EDGE Series uses 60% less raw materials than conventional cabinets.

Reduced Electrical Components: The EDGE Series uses up to 4x fewer electrical components vs traditional LED displays of the same size.

The new addition of Chip on Board (COB) pixel technology to the EDGE Series further enhances its sustainability credentials (available on the 43”, 54”, and 65” models), by reducing energy consumption vs legacy SMD LED displays by up to 40%.

Improved Thermal management: In electronics, the more components you add into a circuit, the more electrical resistance you encounter, often displayed by heat output (wasted energy). COB not only reduces energy consumption but also offers benefits in reliability, colour performance, and contrast.

Have a look at the diagram below, where you can see the pixel structure of SMD vs COB technology and the additional resistance layers:

Full guide to the different pixel technologies here

Watch our Pixel Technology educational video here

Reason 3: One Display Technology That’s Suitable For Many Applications

Historically, if you were looking to specify LED through a range of applications in one location, you may need to specify and purchase different products, perhaps from different manufacturers. In some instances, you may even use rental products for permanent fixed installations due to their extra NIT output.

The EDGE Series has been designed to allow for creative flexibility, simply spec the pixel technology and brightness that is right for you!

  1. SMD 600-800 Nits (Upgrade to GOB for heavy footfall or ground-level installations to protect your pixels)

  2. Flip Chip 2000 Nits (Perfect for atriums and areas of high brightness)

  3. Flip Chip High Bright 4000 Nits (Perfect for shop windows or far-off viewing)

  4. COB 600-1000 Nits (Perfect for ECO-conscious businesses or those wanting superior image performance)

    Basic Brightness Guide

    43" EDGE Pro Product Page


The EDGE Series' remarkable journey of innovation, recognition, and sustainability is not just about winning awards; it's a testament to our commitment to revolutionising the LED display industry. Designed with the installer in mind, and the planet, the EDGE Series stands as a beacon of technological advancement and eco-friendly design.

As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, we invite you to join us in embracing the future of LED displays. Together, let's illuminate the world in ways that are not only visually stunning but also kind to our planet.

Thank you for your continued support,

Team LED Studio