43" EDGE Pro

Multi Award Winning Indoor Fine Pitch LED Display- SMD, Flip Chip, COB Pixel Technologies - 43" - 16:9 Cabinet

Emphasising sustainability and genuine ESG commitment, our Award-Winning 43” EDGE Pro stands as a truly eco-friendly solution, transcending mere buzzwords. We strive to break free from the throwaway culture. With our in-house designed V1 Architecture, select from THREE pixel technologies, and tailor the display to your precise requirements. Plus, easily upgrade down the road while keeping your existing cabinet infrastructure intact.

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Key Features

  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 1080p, 4k UHD, 8k & Custom Resolutions
  • 2 Mounting Methods
  • Award Winning V1 Architecture
  • GOB (optional upgrade)
  • Front Service
  • Up To 40% Energy Saving
  • Lightweight - 11kg per cabinet
  • Ultra-Slim Profile: 38.8mm
  • Lifetime: 100,000 hours +
  • Pixels - SMD, Flip-Chip, COB

Three LED Technologies

Choose the pixel technology that is right for you


The 43" EDGE Pro takes full advantage of our high quality SMD (surface mount diode) technology. Content has never looked better. This traditional LED pixel technology offers great value for money and stunning visual performance.

  • Up to 800 nits

  • 16:9 aspect ratio

  • sRGB colour gamut

  • 1/22 Scan level

Flip Chip

Opt for digital signage displays with a 2000 or 4000 nit output, ideal for high-brightness environments. Perfect for enhancing visibility in shop windows, atriums, reception areas, or any space experiencing significant changes in ambient light. Ensure your message stands out, no matter the lighting conditions.

  • Up to 4,000 nit output

  • Up to 25% energy saving vs SMD whilst running brighter

  • DCI-P3 wide colour gamut

  • Up to 4.5x brighter than standard SMD


Discover the leading-edge COB pixel technology, engineered to dramatically lower your operating costs and enhance pixel durability. Experience unparalleled image quality that makes COB a must-have for your technology wish list.

  • Up to 1,000 nits

  • Up to 40% energy saving vs SMD when run at same brightness

  • DCI-P3 wide colour gamut

  • Pixel Protection Technology (as standard)


Future-Proof with V1 Architecture

V1 Architecture was created to minimise environmental impact by reducing raw material usage, reduce throw away culture and to future-proof LED displays for a more sustainable future.

Choose between three pixel technologies, catering to all indoor applications, or, alternatively, upgrade your displays at any point during its lifetime, retaining internal cabinet components and infrastructure.

Up to 40% Reduction In Raw Material Usage

The EDGE Series revolutionises LED cabinet technology by using up to 40% fewer raw materials in its construction and incorporating fewer electrical components than traditional models. This significant reduction enhances the series' sustainability, making it an eco-friendly choice for consumers seeking greener technology solutions.

Two mounting methods

Installation has never been easier

Attach the 43" EDGE Pro cabinets to existing LCD display infrastructure or framework. Industry standard VESA fixings or direct wall mounting options enables the 43" EDGE Pro to utlise existing videowall bracketry increasing its eco-frienldy credentials by reducing waste materials.

Fixed Resolutions & Custom Sizes

43" EDGE Pro can achieve familiar resolutions like 1080p, 4k UHD, 8K or custom arrays, shapes and sizes.

Pixel Pitch Options P0.94, P1.25, P1.5, P1.875, P2, P2.5

FHD - 1080p


Lose the bezels & get creative

The 43" EDGE Pro seamlessly blends multiple cabinets into a single cohesive unit, creating an immersive visual experience like no other. Viewers can now enjoy seamless content and crystal-clear imagery, enhancing engagement and capturing attention in any setting. Embrace the future of display technology with Award Winning 43" EDGE Pro LED, where innovation meets visual brilliance.

EDGE Connect - Optional upgrade

Reduced complexity - Reduced carbon footprint

Remove the need for LED display controllers and processors by upgrading to the EDGE "CONNECT" allowing for direct HDMI connection up to a resolution of 2K. Say goodbye to complex cable runs and enjoy a simple, single cable setup.

GOB (Glue on Board) - Pixel Protection Technology

  • What can GOB be used on?
    GOB is an optional upgrade on any SMD display.

  • What are its benefits?
    GOB improves pixel durability, reliability and heat dissipation. It also makes LED displays easier to clean.

  • Where should I use GOB?
    GOB should be a consideration when displays are located in heavy footfall areas, especially when screens are located at ground level or where they can be touched.

Chip on Board - Pixel Protection Technology

Pixel Protection As Standard

COB LEDs are renowned for their robust construction. The mounting method of COB LEDs involves directly bonding PCB substrate, which results in a sturdy and resilient connection.

Moreover, COB feature resin encapsulation similar to GOB (Glue-on-board). This resin encapsulation provides an extra layer of protection, shielding the LED chip from environmental factors, moisture, and physical damage.

Flexible product placement

An LED display to suit every install application...

Shop Window Display

By pairing the 43" EDGE Pro with Flip Chip High Bright modules you can now have fine pitch, high resolution displays shining bright in showrooms, retails spaces or corporate lobbies whilst outshining high ambient light.

Pair this with an ambient light sensor, and you can dynamically adjust the brightness for different times of day.

Immersive Displays

With COB and GOB upgrade options, you can now specify the 43" EDGE Pro in ground level installations.

Rest easy knowing that your pixels are protected from accidental or intentional harm.

Conference/ Boardroom Display

With fixed resolution like 1080p and 4k, pixel pitches as low as P0.9, the 43" EDGE Pro is the perfect solution for corporate offices and meeting spaces.

With the introduction of COB pixels and their energy saving properties, your Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentation have never looked better.


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