What is Flip Chip Technology?

Flipping the script for higher brightness

Flip Chip surface mount diodes mark a substantial advancement in the LED packaging process. The RGB diodes are flipped, eliminating the bonding wires, which significantly reduces resistance and heat output. The pixel package contacts are then connected to the substrate using solder bumps or conductive adhesive.

These advancements enable the otherwise wasted energy to be redirected for higher NIT/ brightness output on narrow pitch displays, opening up a range of indoor high-brightness applications that previously necessitated the use of wide pixel pitch outdoor solutions to achieve similar results.

The most versatile pixel ever...

Benefits of Flip Chip:

Brighter. Bolder. Better.

Thermal Performance

Improved heat dissipation, and a reduction in internal resistance results in a display that is cool to the touch.

Superior Brightness

With two Flip Chip variants you can now choose between two brightness options opening up more narrow pitch applications:

• Flip Chip: 2000 NITS

• High-Bright: 4000 NITS

Reduced Running Costs

Flip Chip technology uses up to 30% less power to run than equivilent SMD displays, all whilst running brighter!

Where can Flip Chip technology be used?

What happens when the bright outdoor light enters indoor spaces?

In the past, it was common to utilise outdoor, lower resolution or rental LED displays indoors to take advantage of their extra brightness, but resolution was always lower meaning they weren't ideal for close-up viewing. Flip Chip offers a solution to this problem with increased NIT output on tight/narrow pixel pitches, making it the ideal choice for spaces with high ambient light!

Flip Chip LED displays are extremely versatile thanks to their higher NIT output.

With this advanced display technology, integrating Flip Chip LED for indoor high-brightness environments has never been easier.

Use Case Examples:

Shop Windows Displays

Flip Chip LED displays are ideal for shop windows, where the high brightness ensures that promotional content and products are visible even in direct sunlight.

Reception Area Signage

In corporate settings, reception areas often have large windows or glass facades. Flip Chip LED displays can be used to provide information, branding, or dynamic visuals, effectively capturing the attention of visitors.

Atrium Displays

Atriums in shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and universities benefit from Flip Chip LED due to their high brightness, making them suitable for advertising, event promotion, and providing information to a large number of people in open spaces.

Digital Signage & Information Screens

Businesses can use Flip Chip LED displays in indoor spaces with high ambient light, such as malls or exhibition spaces for advertising campaigns, promotions, information interactive experiences.

Exhibition Displays

Exhibitors at trade shows and exhibitions can utilize Flip Chip LED displays to stand out and engage visitors with eye-catching visuals and product information.

Outdoor Kiosks

Flip Chip LED displays are perfect for interactive kiosks in public places, providing information, wayfinding, and engaging experiences to users, whilst standing out in bright ambient light.

Conference Room Displays

In conference rooms and event venues with abundant natural light, Flip Chip LED is suitable for presentations, live streaming, and displaying event schedules, offering clarity even in brightly lit environments.

Transportation Hub Displays

Airports, train stations, and bus terminals can utilize Flip Chip LED displays for passenger information displays, departure/arrival boards, and advertising in bright indoor environments.

Interesting fact!

LED Studio were the first company to take Flip Chip fine pitch technology outdoors! Our AEGIS Kiosk won Best of Show at ISE 2023 for Innovation.

Want to find out more? Follow the link: https://www.theledstudio.co.uk/product/aegis

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