Big Screens for eSports Arenas

Posted by Ross Noonan|09 Jul 2024
LED display technology is no longer exclusive to traditional sports stadiums; it has become the premier choice for fan engagement in esports arenas globally. When choosing LED displays for your next venue, consider these key factors.

What is MicroLED LED display technology?

Posted by Ross Noonan|13 Jun 2024
The definition of MicroLED can vary widely, leading to industry confusion and misinformation. In this episode of LED Insights, we aim to demystify MicroLED technology with clear, straightforward facts.

Don't Pay for Pixels (Resolution) You Don't Need

Posted by Marketing|12 Jun 2024
As LED display pixel pitches tighten and costs drop, we guide clients to avoid unnecessary expenses. Understanding your audience and their viewing distance is key. Don't overpay for unneeded pixels or resolution.

Custom Sized Displays: Exploring the Versatility of LED Display Technology

Posted by Ross Noonan|22 May 2024
Welcome to LED Insights, where we delve into the fascinating world of LED displays. Today, we're focusing on custom-sized/ shaped displays and answering some of the most common questions people have when considering these versatile solutions.

Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Displays Are Not A Thing!

Posted by Ross Noonan|10 Apr 2024
A significant rise in claims about "Naked Eye 3D Technology" has been observed, especially targeted at the outdoor market, and it is now encroaching on the indoor market. But is it real?
How Dynamic LED Display Brightness and Clever Content Creation Can Save You LOTS of Money

How Dynamic Display Brightness and Clever Content Creation Can Save You Money

Posted by Ross Noonan|26 Mar 2024
As LED displays continue to gain traction in both indoor and outdoor settings, it's crucial to grasp the nuances behind their operation and how dynamic brightness adjustments can lead to significant financial savings.
Two chips side-by-side, one showing key SMD stats, and the other showing COB stats.

White Paper: COB Flip Chip (Common Cathode) vs SMD – Power Consumption

Posted by LED Studio|26 Feb 2024
At The LED Studio, we prioritise transparency, understanding its necessity to illustrate the rationale behind our messaging. The technology industry, especially when discussing sustainability, is fraught with misinformation and marketing "buzzwords." This white paper will outline the calculations and metrics that underpin our COB vs SMD sustainability campaign, providing a foundation upon which to base further research to uncover all the data we've utilised.
Colour bit and grayscale

What is Colour Bit Depth & Grayscale - How does it affect image quality?

Posted by Ross Noonan|06 Feb 2024
The Role of Grayscale and Colour Bit Depth in Enhancing Display Technology Image Quality - All You Need To Know!

What is Common Cathode LED display technology?

Posted by Robert Bint|23 Aug 2023
The introduction of common cathode technology heralds a new era for LED display technology. Its ability to combine energy efficiency, colour accuracy and improved thermal management means it should be at the top of your wish list!
Art gallery with a large LED display in portrait orientaation showing sphere-based art, people are looking and admiring the art

What pixel pitch do I need?

Posted by Ross Noonan|14 Aug 2023
One of the most crucial factors to consider when investing an LED display is the pixel pitch. Determining the right pixel pitch for your specific use case is essential to ensure optimal viewing experiences and avoid unnecessary expenses.

What brightness LED display do I need?

Posted by Ross Noonan|01 Aug 2023
Selecting the appropriate brightness level for your LED display is essential to ensure optimal visibility and performance in different environments. Getting display brightness right can also SAVE YOU MONEY!

What is GOB? Is it worth the investment?

Posted by Ross Noonan|10 Jul 2023
Among the array of advanced LED technologies available, GOB (Glue on Board) LED display technology has emerged as a game-changer.

Sustainable signage - what does it really mean?

Posted by Ross Noonan|05 Jun 2023
Sustainability has never been higher on the agenda than it is today and it transfers to all areas of business. LED Studio takes a more holistic approach to ensure that sustainability is inherent in everything we do, every step of the way.

LED Display Education – Your guide to different pixel technologies

Posted by Ross Noonan|30 Apr 2023
Choosing the correct pixel technology can be confusing. In this blog we aim to break down the different offerings, helping you make an informed decision.

LED displays as a direct replacement for LCD video walls - how do they measure up?

Posted by Kyal Cundall|16 Apr 2023
LCD has been pivotal to the evolution of large format displays. Many LCD video walls that were installed during the digital signage boom are now coming to their end of life, leaving the question of what to replace them with...