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Sustainable signage - what does it really mean?

Posted by Ross Noonan|05 Jun 2023

Sustainable Signage - What does it really mean?

Sustainability has never been higher on the agenda than it is today, and it transfers to all areas of business. When organisations hear the term green signage, most concepts will focus on ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint, such as through models that promise reduced power consumption and by switching displays off when not in use. LED Studio takes a more holistic approach to ensure that sustainability is inherent in everything we do, every step of the way.

What exactly do we mean by this?

Let’s run through the meticulous decisions that we have made to ensure a green circle of life for our displays, including our energy efficient design, manufacturing processes, compact shipping and logistical solutions, smart operations and future-proofed designs.

Energy Efficient Design

One fundamental method to reduce the energy consumption of a display is by ensuring the display runs cool to the touch and emits almost no heat from the screen surface. By doing this, the LEDs are operating more efficiently and energy isn’t being wasted through excessive heat output.

Our rigorous R&D phases have led us to develop some of the most energy efficient displays on the market. Our Multi Award Winning EDGE Series of products is designed with a unique cabinet design that behaves as an integrated heat sink, negating the need for fans or mechanical cooling methods, making it the greenest, most energy efficient and sustainable LED display of its type on the market.

As a result, for the 43” EDGE Pro cabinet, power consumption using this design is reduced by up to 40% drawing as little as 153w per cabinet (dependent on pixel pitch), without decreasing brightness. The reduction of heat also means its lifespan compared to standard LEDs is expanded from 7 to 10 years depending on usage.

Further to the above, if customers choose to upgrade to the EDGE Connect models, they further increase their sustainable credentials by removing the need for an LED display controller, as the EDGE Connect allows for direct connection via HDMI. Not only saving money, but also reducing componentry.

Intelligent Operation

The next thing to consider is the way in which your display operates. By prioritising sustainable design and reimagining the way a display operates, not only will the performance levels increase, but it also offers long-term business benefits. Our FUSION all-in-one digital billboard solution features a responsive brightness sensor as part of its integrated features. The power required to run a 6mm pixel pitch, 18sqm FUSION is just 3.2KW, with an average power consumption of 180w/sqm and a maximum power consumption of 500w/sqm. This is half the consumption of the average legacy LED based billboard display.

Another way to operate LED displays is with monitoring software. FUSION also has the world’s most comprehensive in-house designed monitoring platform, ScreenMetrics, built directly into the frame of the display that provides full remote diagnostics, secure network security encryption, a monitoring system for hundreds of points, proactive alerting and four layers of signal/data backup and two for power. Thanks to its automatic reports, this also reduces the need for technicians to travel to site or ensures they know exactly what needs fixing when they do. All these factors combined help extend the lifespan of your display, leaving you with the ultimate total cost of ownership.

Compact Shipping

Another sustainability factor we shouldn’t forget is shipping. This goes hand-in-hand with the sustainable design of LED displays, as designing products that are compact to ship means less overall material and resources are used, which in turn reduces the amount of energy required to ship products worldwide.

We designed the FUSION digital billboard with this in mind. The plug and play signage solution consists of five 3000 x 1200mm cabinets that fit into one compact box and requires no additional hardware. The modular design fits simply together for efficient installations and allows for easy, ongoing maintenance.

Future-proofed solutions

Finally, our sustainable signage doesn’t only take sustainable practices into account throughout the lifespan of a single display, it also innovatively considers ways to extend beyond this. We’re always thinking about the future and adding unique functionality into our displays that ensures as many of the components as possible can be reused past the considered replacement periods.

Our Award-Winning 43” EDGE Pro gives customers the option of upgrading pixel technologies at any time, choosing between SMD, Flip chip or Flip chip (high-bright). This is achieved by simply replacing the existing modules with the new ones. You can also choose a different pixel pitch so a 2.5mm pixel pitch display, for example, can easily be upgraded to a 1.2mm by simply refreshing the modules, increasing its resolution.

No additional cabinet infrastructure or architectural changes are required and with front serviceability, upgrades can be done quickly and efficiently. Displays can even be relocated and moved to another area or used for another business function if the pixel pitch allows, enhancing the benefits and flexibility even further.

This contributes to our sustainable mission by reducing waste whilst allowing you to move with the times. These are only some of the steps we take as one of the leading LED manufacturers, proactively working toward a greener future.

What steps can you take to ensure a more energy efficient display?