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Award winning, all-in-one, digital billboard display

Our award winning FUSION was designed with 3 key requirements in mind. Ease of installation, sustainability and serviceability. Extensive R&D has resulted in a digital billboard that is lighter, thinner, brighter and more energy efficient than anything else on the market. The prefect DOOH solution for roadsides, retail and outdoor applications.

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Key Features

  • Superior Energy Efficiency
  • Monitoring Camera: as standard
  • Thinner (<80mm)
  • Lightweight
  • Cloud CMS
  • Single Cable: power & data
  • Secure Network
  • Power & Data Redundancy
  • Upgradeable Lens Technology - FOCAL
  • Out-Of-The-Box Design
  • Up to 15,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • IP65 Front & Rear


Custom cabinet configurations help speed up installation

FUSION cabinets are delivered to site in custom arrays, speeding up installation, reducing shipping costs and waste packaging materials.

Industry standard sizes

Region specific sizes ready to go right out of the box

The FUSION all-in-one digital billboard is pre-configured in two standard screen size offerings, including the popular 48-sheet, catering for swift digital billboard rollouts.

State-Of-The-Art Monitoring & Proof Of Play

Experience unmatched reliability with FUSION's inbuilt, inhouse designed ScreenMetrics, the revolutionary pre-emptive proof of play and monitoring solution. Say goodbye to costly content downtime as ScreenMetrics proactively detects faults, ensuring seamless performance. Enjoy uninterrupted brilliance and enhanced peace of mind with FUSION - setting a new standard in outdoor displays. Elevating visuals and elevating brands.


Industry leading redundancy, power management and monitoring

SCREENMETRICS provides 24/7 screen monitoring and content playback via a proactive, encrypted, secure system. Remote fault alerts and early identification analytics support and simplify screen lifecycle planning and management.

Be more direct with FOCAL

Achieve an industry leading ≥15,000:1 contrast ratio

Introducing FOCAL, an optional upgrade for our FUSION digital billboard. This groundbreaking feature allows for a more precise and focused beam of light, ensuring that your advertisement reaches your target audience without disturbing nearby residents and buildings. The FOCAL technology minimises light pollution outside the display frustum, making it possible to install digital billboards in sensitive locations where planning permissions may have previously been denied. 

Standard lens VS FOCAL lens

Our cutting-edge lens design enhances outdoor digital billboards, optimising contrast in high ambient light conditions. Witness captivating content with unrivaled visual impact. Unleash the power of pixels, making your messages shine brighter than ever before. Step into the future of billboard displays with FOCAL.

Built-in CMS

Secure Cloud Based Content Management System (CMS)

Protecting Brands in the Era of Digital Graffiti: The Imperative for Secure Content Management Systems. Digital graffiti involves unauthorised individuals gaining access to digital displays and manipulating their content to display offensive or inappropriate messages, images, or videos. ScreenMetrics solves this problem.

Servicing & IP Protection

Hassle Free Maintenance

Easy Servicing, Front or Rear Access. Whether 50 feet high or at ground level, maintenance is a breeze. Swift and user-friendly, it simplifies servicing in any environment. Gain access to modules or internal components quickly and effciently.

Ultimate Environmental Protection

Thanks to its fully IP66 rating, the FUSION can resist dust, heavy rain, and even torrential rain. No matter the season or location, you can confidently showcase your content without worrying about the elements. The robust construction guarantees longevity, allowing the billboard to endure extreme temperatures and fluctuating climates, making it an ideal choice for any outdoor application.


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