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LED Studio and Colorlight form technical solutions partnership

Posted by LED Studio|21 Mar 2024
LED Studio is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Colorlight Cloud Tech Ltd., enhancing our position as a leading provider of LED display technology. With this collaboration, we're committed to delivering top-tier specification, supply, and support services for Colorlight's advanced LED display controllers and image processors.
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To Offer a Turnkey Service, You Need Turnkey Individuals – Meet Jaron Hatch

Posted by Sam Roberts|20 Mar 2024
To Offer a Turnkey Service, You Need Turnkey Individuals – Meet Jaron Hatch -
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Welcome Scott Rohling: US Senior Project Manager

Posted by Ross Noonan|20 Mar 2024
LED Studio is thrilled to announce the addition of a new star to its team, Scott Rohling. With a career spanning close to three decades in the LED industry, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a unique life story that is as compelling as the displays he has helped to illuminate.

Kevin Yates "What drove us to sponsor grass roots university rugby team?"

Posted by Ross Noonan|11 Mar 2024
Unlike larger corporations, we don't see sponsorship opportunities as PR exercises. We see them as opportunities to help others do great things!

After 7 Industry Awards All Eyes Are On The EDGE Series - But Why?

Posted by Ross Noonan|07 Feb 2024
We wanted to illuminate why the EDGE Series displays by LED Studio are capturing so much industry attention and reveal the insights we shared with the judges!

Multi Award-Winning EDGE Series just got BETTER!

Posted by Kyal Cundall|18 Jan 2024
LED Studio is expanding its multi award-winning EDGE Series with the launch of the 54” EDGE Pro and 65” EDGE at ISE on Booth 3S150. LED Studio is on a mission to eradicate the throwaway culture with its proprietary V1 Architecture within its EDGE series.

Queen of Logistics & Project Execution: Meet Jennifer-Robert-McGee

Posted by Ross Noonan|18 Jan 2024
We are thrilled to introduce Jennifer Roberts-McGee, our Associate Director of Project Development. With her extensive experience and high achiever mentality, Jen will play pivotal role in LED Studio’s project execution and thereby our future successes.

From OOH to LED Studio: Meet PJ Pedroni

Posted by Ross Noonan|16 Jan 2024
PJ’s career history is so rich we could write a novel about it - but that’s for another time. For now, here is the short story of how PJ became Director of Sales at LED Studio.

ADI Global to distribute LED Studio’s narrow-pitch displays

Posted by Ross Noonan |21 Dec 2023
The partnership will offer ADI customers across the UK, Spain, France and Benelux and Nordic regions access to LED Studio’s narrow-pitch EDGE, AEGIS and V-Poster series.

Welcoming Kirk Kessler: US Sales Director of Sports & Entertainment

Posted by Kyal Cundall |19 Dec 2023
We proudly welcome Kirk Kessler to the team as Sales Director of Sports and Entertainment, US. With a career spanning over 25 years with global brand Samsung, Kirk brings a wealth of experience and a remarkable track record of success, particularly in the live events, entertainment, and spectator sports domains.

LED Studio Sponsor NUWRFC

Posted by Ross Noonan|11 Dec 2023
We're proud to share that we are the official sponsors for the scrum-tastic Newcastle University Women's Rugby Football Club.

Changing Channels - Meet Craig Wheeler!

Posted by Karolina |07 Nov 2023
Our technology manager Craig Wheeler has big plans to turn up the volume for LED Studio in the residential sector with unparalleled expertise and ideas for new avenues and opportunities for the DVLED and Micro LED sector

AV-News - Shining a light on COB & Sustainability

Posted by Ross Noonan|09 Oct 2023
Sustainability has never been higher on the agenda, but what does 'sustainable' really mean when it comes to LED displays? Ross Noonan, Technical Sales and Marketing Manager, explores how COB with Common Cathode is driving a sustainable future for LED display design and delivery.

EDGE Series WINS - ProAV Best In Market 2023

Posted by Ross Noonan|04 Oct 2023
The EDGE Series LED Display from LED Studio is garnering the industry recognition it deserves, winning its third prestigious award in 2023!

From apprentice to engineer, meet Alex Fletcher!

Posted by Ross Noonan |11 Sep 2023
Embarking on every career journey requires a first step, and for Alex Fletcher, that initial stride was taken as an apprentice at LED Studio. Alex's journey from apprentice to accomplished engineer in a mere span of two years fills us with an overwhelming sense of pride.

We are AV Awards 2023 finalists!

Posted by K Niewiadomska|23 Aug 2023
LED Studio continues to lead the LED display industry with innovative display solutions as it makes the finals of the AV Awards 2023

Outdoor digital signage: a great opportunity?

Posted by Ross Noonan|09 Jun 2023
Outdoor digital signage has become an essential marketing tool for any business wanting to communicate with its audience effectively, ranging from retail, transportation, hospitality, education, public spaces, sports and entertainment.

Achieving visual merchandising freedom in retail

Posted by LED Studio|08 Jun 2023
In today's fast-paced retail landscape, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to attract customer attention and drive engagement with customers. As a result, retail environments are changing more frequently than ever before due to the need to adapt to evolving customer demands and market trends.