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Queen of Logistics & Project Execution: Meet Jennifer-Robert-McGee

Posted by Ross Noonan|18 Jan 2024

We are thrilled to introduce Jennifer Robert-McGee, our Associate Director of Project Development for the US. With her extensive industry experience, and high achiever mentality, Jen will play a pivotal role in LED Studio’s project execution and thereby our future success.

Jen’s role in the team 

Jen and her team are tasked with managing projects from purchase order to service, ensuring seamless coordination with customers, logistics, scheduling and attention to intricate project details.  Logistics can mean a lot of things, so Jen is here to oversee the entire project lifecycle, ensuring that every detail is meticulously addressed. 

Where it all began 

Jen's journey in the technology industry began in 1996 as an electrical apprentice before transitioning to telecommunications and AV. Armed with a limited electrical licence, she honed her skills in the field, from project coordinator to project manager and eventually lead project manager, Jen's career trajectory was marked by continuous growth and development. Her previous role at a renowned AV vendor for seven years saw her contributing significantly to process development and process improvement, which attracted her to LED Studio where she now focuses on driving the operations team.

Jen's career boasts remarkable achievements, including overseeing the development of several sports, social bars and restaurants nationwide for a renowned real estate developer. Her experience extended to managing AV and data requirements for major universities, financial firms, designing and installing the data infrastructure for a significant US cancer centre, as well as designing the data infrastructure for a hospital.

The road to LED Studio 

Jen was strongly influenced by her father, a blue-collar professional with a car restoration business, who helped fuel her early career ambitions. She loved working hands-on from start to finish, which is essentially what she now gets to do! 

What attracted Jen to LED Studio specifically was the "product offering and agility. Not only do we manufacture our own products, enabling direct engagement with the factory, but the installation times are fast and easier to manage". 

A love for sports, music, family and friends

With her love for sports and music, it helped further enticed Jen to join the LED Studio team with our strong sports and music venue project presence. For 30 plus years, Jen has been mentoring and training individuals, through her involvement in the Special Olympics. Jen loves following two of her favourite sports teams, the New York Yankees and the Miami Dolphins. If she isn't watching one of their games, she is usually spending time with her spouse, 2 young children and her “large loud Greek Family”.

The future is bright!

Looking ahead, Jen is determined to enhance our processes, making us even more efficient and customer-centric. Her focus on continual improvement aligns with the growth trajectory of our US team. 

We are confident that Jen’s wealth of experience, dedication, and love for her role and willingness to help other members of the team learn and evolve will continue to push LED Studio and the team to new heights!