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EDGE Series WINS - ProAV Best In Market 2023

Posted by Ross Noonan|04 Oct 2023

AV Network says: "The LED Studio's EDGE Series is a strong option for retrofitting existing video walls with its native 16:9 aspect ratio design. The strength of the application for me is the optional EDGE Connect module that eliminates the need for a third-party video wall processor."

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Read our submission below:

LED Studio's EDGE Series represents a breakthrough in fine pixel pitch LED displays, offering a truly sustainable, future-proof, and economically conscious alternative to end-of-life 43” and 55” LCD video wall displays. The EDGE series has been meticulously designed with sustainability at its core, aiming to combat the prevailing throwaway technology culture.

Notably, these cabinets stand out as the largest single diecast LED cabinets on the market. Measuring four times larger than the average competitor's LED cabinet, they significantly reduce the initial carbon footprint by providing installation teams with fewer components.

Furthermore, installations are seamlessly streamlined through various mounting methods for these lightweight displays, including utilizing existing LCD VESA fittings or direct wall mounting.

The EDGE Pro model ensures future-proofing through LED Studio's pioneering V1 Architecture, an industry-first innovation that enables the cabinets to accommodate three advanced LED technologies: SMD, Flip-Chip, or Flip Chip-High Bright. This versatility optimises product placement possibilities. Upgradability remains a key feature, with the EDGE Pro being easily upgradable at any point while retaining 70% of its display components and core cabinet infrastructure.

Visual excellence is assured with DCI-P3 compliance and upgraded GOB modules, enhancing durability. The EDGE Pro boasts an impressive lifetime of over 100,000 hours while operating up to 40% more efficiently than LCD alternatives.

The EDGE Series showcases ingenious engineering and industry-leading technologies, underpinning its commitment to sustainability and contributing to the overall market advancement of LED displays. This drive makes the technology more accessible, cost-effective, and poised for the future.

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