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From OOH to LED Studio: Meet PJ Pedroni

Posted by Ross Noonan|16 Jan 2024

As the LED Studio US team continues to go from strength to strength, it's time for their latest addition to have their time under the spotlight. Meet PJ Pedroni.

The early years

Born and raised in California, PJ initially pursued a degree in sports medicine with aspirations of becoming an NFL team trainer. However, something else quickly caught his attention. The fast progression of the advertising industry fascinated PJ, and steered him down a different path during the formative years of his career.

Like a sponge, PJ was ready to soak up all the information and experience he possibly could in the advertising and OOH sphere. He quickly began climbing the professional ladder as his passion for OOH grew stronger, landing a job at Clear Channel where he worked for ten years. A significant achievement from his early years was supporting a massive Times Square unit, which was completely static and won the OOH award of the year in 2003.

Following in his great-grandfathers footsteps

In 2004, PJ embraced his culinary legacy by launching his own restaurant chain, continuing a tradition started by his great-grandfather. These establishments gained rapid popularity, particularly for their signature "Pedroni's Potato Salad," a recipe still commercially produced by PJ's father. PJ, who has a deep love for music, ensured the restaurants offered an immersive experience with live piano duels five nights a week. "Growing up in an Italian family, meals were always filled with love, laughter, and delicious food. I wanted to bring that same warmth and joy to our customers," PJ shared.

A passion for music

It was PJ's passion for music that pulled PJ back into the technology world, as he co-founded a music-sharing app, “BOOMiO”. PJ would eventually join PlayNetwork (now MOOD Media), bridging his affinity for music, technology and knowledge of how to activate brands with consumers. The digital landscape was changing dramatically, and LED began to speak to PJ as a way to help these brands broaden the total experience for their customers.

Hello LED Studio!

What drew PJ to LED Studio was "their disruptive force in the US LED market". Describing LED Studio as "nimble and capable of making things happen", PJ appreciates LED Studio's ability to listen to clients' needs and deliver innovative solutions. "Being in control of the entire product process, from the factory to the market, allows us to establish long-term relationships with clients"—a commitment PJ strongly values.

Bringing years of experience and a wealth of industry connections to LED Studio, PJ emphasises the importance of building trust in the industry, stating that he wouldn't stand behind something that isn't legitimate. 

Beyond the LED life

Outside of work, PJ finds joy in family life spending time with his sixteen-year-old daughter Stella, 12-year-old son Sam, three dogs, one of which that looks like a mini zebra and 3 (!) axolotls.

Despite his rich career history, PJ remains a passionate NFL fan, continuing the family tradition as a SF 49ers season ticket holder since 1948 and bringing his enthusiasm for success both in and outside of the office.

Welcome PJ - it's great to have you join the team!

PJ’s journey from sports medicine to LED Studio's Senior Sales Manager is a testament to his adaptability, passion for innovation, and commitment to building lasting relationships. We are so pleased to welcome PJ on board and look forward to the continued success and growth that he will undoubtedly bring to the US team and beyond.