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To Offer a Turnkey Service, You Need Turnkey Individuals – Meet Jaron Hatch

Posted by Sam Roberts|20 Mar 2024

LED Studio is excited to expand its presence in the US, and to do this, we're bringing in experienced, well-rounded individuals. Let's introduce you to Jaron Hatch our new Pre-Sales Engineer, a key addition to our team.

Jaron’s Passion for the Outdoors

 Jaron's childhood on a dairy farm in Southeast Idaho was instrumental in shaping his hands-on approach and problem-solving skills. "I literally lived the cowboy lifestyle, living every young boy’s dream,” Jaron reminisces about his early years. “I learned to drive a tractor before the age of nine; if things went wrong on the farm, we just got on with it and fixed it.”

 A true family man, with five active children, he enjoys time watching them on the football field or basketball court, as well as spending time with his wife. He stays connected to his roots, actively participating in horse and cattle shows as often as he can.

Mums Know Best!

As Jaron neared the end of his school days and graduation approached, his mother spotted an opportunity for him with a local company that built the earliest form of LED displays in the form of shop signs. Securing this job opened the "door to LED" for Jaron. He started in the sheet metal department, gaining first-hand experience in design and assembly, honing an eye for "fine details.” This company would eventually become part of Barco.

Jaron furthered his education in construction management at university, followed by an internship at Layton-Turner Salt Lake. With a host of new skills, Jaron returned to Barco, taking up a new role as a manufacturing estimator, refining product development and overseeing factory processes.

Work in a Space You Love, With the People You Love!

Jaron’s passion for American football and basketball led him to work on numerous large LED display projects in the sports and stadia space. Joining Samsung, he first met Ben Sewell and Kirk Kessler, and together they collaborated on many successful projects. At the LED Studio, Jaron has the opportunity to work as a successful project delivery trio once again.

Jaron proudly shares, “I think at the last count I hold 17 licences enabling me to work in all US states and beyond; I’ve been heavily involved in the design, construction estimating, and delivery of all aspects of a LED display project and to work with two guys I trust is a win, win for me.”

An Exciting Journey Ahead

Jaron's enthusiasm for joining LED Studio was palpable. “When I saw Ben and Kirk join the LED Studio team, I knew I wanted to get involved. The LED display market is only going in one direction, the LED space is wide open to a fresh new approach,” he says. Jaron envisions LED Studios becoming a major player in the sports industry globally, leveraging the overlap and international ownership in US and EU sport teams.  

Everyone at LED Studio is thrilled to welcome Jaron to the family, bringing his extensive knowledge, experience, and skills, we can’t wait to see what he can do!