LED Studio & Ameria Form Technical Partnership

Posted by Ross Noonan|20 May 2024

LED Studio has partnered with integrated gesture control technology leader AMERIA to deliver futuristic, scalable, touchfree interactive experiences. The companies will present a showcase at the Digital Signage Summit Europe (DSSE) this week in Munich.

LED Studio’s displays integrate with the AMERIA Airframe®, a freestanding device with sensors that are installed in front of the display to make it interactive. The user simply hovers their hand in the space above the Airframe® to interact with the content displayed on the screen in an easy and intuitive way.


The touchfree navigation feels similar to using an invisible mouse, meaning that it is compatible with standard applications, such as product configurators. This futuristic looking experience captures the attention of passersby, ideal for brands looking to increase engagement with prospects and attract visitors to their space. 

This partnership is a significant step forward in the evolution of digital display technology.

By leveraging the unique strengths of both companies, a solution has been created that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of interactive displays to create application possibilities for a range of new markets. 

Both LED Studio and AMERIA share a strong commitment to sustainability. LED Studio displays are designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, reducing carbon footprints while maintaining high performance. Embedding gesture technology of this nature eliminates the need for physical touch interfaces, further minimising the use of non-renewable materials and enhancing the longevity of the displays. 

Andreea Timis, Commercial Director EMEA at LED Studio says: 

“By combining AMERIA's state-of-the-art gesture technology with LED Studio's high-quality LED displays, we are delivering a more engaging and immersive user experience. This integration will allow users to interact with displays in a natural and intuitive way, making accessing information or entertainment a seamless and enjoyable experience for retail, events, visitor attractions, brand activations, healthcare and automotive applications.

 “We are seeing a growing consumer demand for more interactive and environmentally conscious products, and this collaboration perfectly caters to that requirement. The scalable Airframe® solution also means that any existing LED Studio installations could easily be refreshed to include a layer of interactivity.”

Danielle van Zyl, AVX Lead at AMERIA comments: 

“Our combined expertise will drive the development of innovative solutions that set new industry benchmarks for functionality, aesthetics and environmental responsibility.  

“We are excited to launch the bundled LED Studio and AMERIA product to the market and to showcase a live demo during DSSE 2024 in Munich. We’re looking forward to seeing the reactions of visitors as they experience what it feels like to raise your hand in mid-air and see the content on the LED display react. It’s like magic!”

The LED Studio and AMERIA solution will be available as a bundled product for purchase or rental, complete with support services including logistics, interactive content, and support.

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