What is GOB (Glue-on-Board) ?

Solving a historical problem

Introducing GOB (Glue on Board) technology – a game-changer in the world of LED displays. Invented to enhance the durability and reliability of pixels, GOB has revolutionised the industry.

Developed for resilience, GOB technology encapsulates LED pixels with a protective epoxy resin. This shielding not only safeguards pixels from external elements and impact but also reduces the risk of pixel failure, ensuring consistent performance over time.

GOB's invention marked a significant leap forward in LED display technology, as the frailty of pixels was a legacy problem that now has a solution.

Interesting fact: Cleaning SMD LED displays can be tricky, especially when they have a build up of dust between pixels. GOB technology can be wiped clean, quickly and effortlessly.

Benefits of GOB?

Improved Durability & Reliability

Enhance any SMD display with GOB coated LED modules. Specially crafted to combat physical impacts, resist moisture, and repel dust, they offer the ultimate solution for ground-level, heavy footfall areas, or screens that are unsupervised, giving you piece of mind.

Improved Heat Dissipation

GOB technology enhances LED displays by distributing heat evenly across a larger module surface area. This uniform heat distribution ensures a sleek finish and significantly reduces hotspots, optimizing display longevity and visual performance.

Low Blue Light Filter

GOB technology can incorporate 'Blue Light' filtering to minimise eyestrain, enhancing viewer comfort. It's an ideal feature for educational environments, control rooms, and any setting where displays are viewed for extended durations

Where can Glue-on-board technology be used?

GOB can be specified on any SMD display, including SMD Flip Chip.

GOB technology is versatile with no constraints on where it can be applied, yet GOB's primary function is damage prevention. Therefore, GOB is not so applicable to displays that are out of reach of the public.

It is particularly crucial for ground-level installations, high-traffic workspaces like production floors, immersive experiences, XR studios, and broadcast, or in areas where displays are publicly accessible without supervision, such as retail locations and digital signage.

Use Case Examples:

Immersive Displays

As LED display prices drop, their integration into immersive spaces grows as a viable alternative to projection. With close-up viewing and interactive touchpoints, GOB stands out as the ideal protection against impact, liquid, greasy hands and dust.

Digital Signage

Digital signage that's within public reach, particularly in retail, needs protection. GOB technology offers brands peace of mind, safeguarding pixels from both accidental and intentional damage.

Art & Museum Displays

With political vandalism on the rise, GOB shields displays in high-risk areas, ensuring resilience against defacement. Additionally, GOB enables effortless cleaning of modules for pristine presentation.

Control Rooms & Education Displays

LED displays in high-usage areas face extended exposure times. Our Low Blue Light Filter GOB alleviates eyestrain and boosts viewer comfort, ensuring a better, healthier viewing experience.

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