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Changing Channels - Meet Craig Wheeler!

Posted by Karolina |07 Nov 2023

Our technology manager Craig Wheeler has big plans to turn up the volume for LED Studio in the residential sector with unparalleled expertise and ideas for new avenues and opportunities for the DVLED and Micro LED sector.

What Craig brings to the team 

Craig has lived and breathed AV for over 35 years and has brought his passion to the table. He will be spearheading new product lines dedicated to advancing the residential sector with comprehensive DVLED/Micro LED display solutions. This includes design, calibration, implementation as well as bringing the solution to market.

High definition career 

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life! Craig has followed this motto and transformed his everyday passions into a career.

Craig’s ethos is around big tech. He has predominantly worked in sales with a strong technical background, ranging from HiFi stores through to Custom Installation and Home Cinema/Theatre. He is widely regarded as one of the top minds in the residential AV sector. When at home Craig is always exploring the latest technology, tweaking/upgrading and ultimately enjoying movies and music on his own system, thereby improving his on-hand experience 24/7.

Why LED Studio? 

Craig had his eye on LED Studio and DVLED/Micro LED for a little while… One of the main attractions was our in-house design and manufacturing processes. The way we can scale and modularise technologies makes LED Studio a limitless playground and makes scope for more specific targeting for Craig, who is looking to use that whole experience for an array of residential projects, be it indoor, outdoor or blended!

Channel hopping 

Craig has big plans for LED Studio. He aspires to elevate LED Studio even further by using his knowledge and expertise to introduce a range of DVLED/Micro LED products for cinema and gaming solutions, all certified to industry standards. Craig is keeping us all on our toes and we really can’t wait to see him shake things up.