Content Creation

LED displays are the canvases of modernity for digital artists, showcasing contemporary works of pixel-perfect motion graphic art. There’s no reason to display dull, substandard, and uninspiring messaging. With carefully curated content, your display has the potential to inspire and engage your audience, maximising the ROI of your LED display.

Whether you need assistance creating content or are looking for design consultancy, our creative team's extensive experience is at your service.

Our goal is to elevate every display to its maximum potential, helping you deliver exceptional content.


What’s so difference about creating content for LED displays?

LED displays are much larger and tend to come in custom resolutions. On large displays, issues that are insignificant become clearly visible and can make the image quality poor.

Custom resolutions require custom content, if you display fixed resolution content you will end up with cropped or distorted content.

Can we re-use pre-existing content from our website or YouTube channel?

It depends entirely on your display. If the resolution and aspect ratio are the same, you could re-export the video file at a higher quality.

However, there is no guarantee that the content will appear correctly. It may also be extremely jarring on a large display, on which it wasn’t initially designed for.

How long does it take to produce a piece of content?

It is entirely dependent on several compounding factors.

What is the resolution? What is the length of the content? What is required from the content? How is the content produced? Is it entirely CGI/3D animations? Is it filmed?

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