Install & Commissioning

White Label Installation Or On-Site Support. We're Happy To Help.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional LED display solutions, complemented by professional installation and commissioning services.

No matter the scale or setting—be it roadside signage, retail fit-outs, corporate, or diverse applications— we are fully equipped to meet your needs.

Pre-Install Consultation & Design

Every successful project starts with comprehensive planning. Whether that be working out structural calculations, or power requirements, we've got the knowledge and expertise to ensure success on your next LED display project.

✔ White Label Installation

✔ On-Site Support

✔ Screen Configuration

✔ Extensive Display Calibration

Logistics Management

Communication is key, especially when you enter the final fix phase. We specialise in LED displays, offering efficient handling, regular updates, and transparent tracking, to ensure your projects remain on course.

✔ Regular Production Line Updates

✔ Air or Freight Updates/Tracking

✔ Landed Tracking

✔ Fixed Time Deliveries

Steelwork & Groundwork Execution

With over ten years of expertise in the DOOH display sector, we specialise in designing and delivering comprehensive solutions for outdoor displays. Our deep industry knowledge ensures high-quality, effective outdoor digital signage tailored to your needs.

✔ Custom Framework

✔ Custom Installation Solutions

✔ Site Surveys

✔ Structural Engineering

Expert Site Management

Our installation team guarantees efficiency, safety, and impeccable standards, ensuring your LED display installations run smoothly and meet all local safety regulations.

Indoor & Outdoor Screen Installations

From bustling retail environments to sports stadiums or road side signage, our installation offering covers every big screen application.

✔ Outdoor Digital Signage

✔ Retail Displays

✔ Sports Stadium Screens

✔ Corporate Display Solutions

✔ Indoor LED Display Solutions

Dedicated Project Management

Once you place your order, our dedicated project managers initiate direct interactions to keep you informed at every stage. This process is fully customisable to suit the unique requirements of each project, ensuring a personalised experience from start to finish.

✔ Production Line Updates

✔ Design Changes

✔ Shipping Updates

✔ Install Technical Documentation

✔ Project Delivery Planning

✔ Sign Off


What environments do we install in?

We encompass all locations and settings, both inside and outside, from sites currently under construction to more delicate areas like retail outlets; we are also certified for airside installations.

Regardless of the location, we uphold the utmost standards in health, safety, and site etiquette.

What displays can we install?

We are capable of installing and commissioning displays from any manufacturer, encompassing both LED display and LCD technologies.

Boasting extensive industry experience, and as genuine engineers, we have the expertise to install, deinstall, or reinstall any system, whether supplied by us or provided to us.

Where can we install our screens?

With global offices in the UK, US and Middle-East we can offer installation or support services across the globe.

We hold all the relevant liscenses and qualifications ensuring we deliver a high quality end result.

What materials do we use?

We fabricate in aluminium and steel as standard, but venture into all areas for more environmentally sensitive materials, from wood to carbon fibre.

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