Quality Control

At LED Studio, our unwavering commitment to precision and superior quality sets us apart. As an ISO9001 accredited organisation, we strictly adhere to the highest standards of quality control.

We provide a unique opportunity for installers and integrators to rigorously test their client displays at our specialized soak and build facility. Here, they can experiment with content, fine-tune calibration, and even conduct client previews to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.

Our Quality Control Service includes:

  • Comprehensive Testing: Thorough testing of displays for optimal performance.

  • Content Trial Runs: Opportunity to test and adjust content for best display.

  • Precision Calibration: Fine-tuning displays for color accuracy and clarity.

  • Client Previews: Facilitating sneak peeks to gauge client satisfaction.

  • Quality Assurance Compliance: Adhering to ISO9001 standards in every process.

  • Technical Support: Offering expert guidance and support throughout the testing phase.

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