Our comprehensive LED display training programme demystifies the essentials, beginning with the evolution of LED technology, the intricacies of LED displays, and how to accurately select one to meet your particular requirements.

We guide you through the critical enquiries to make when choosing an LED display tailored to your needs. For technical professionals, we offer practical, hands-on instruction for the installation and commissioning of both rental and permanent LED displays, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process.

Additionally, our focused product training equips you with the knowledge to fully realise the capabilities of your LED display.

Embark on a learning journey with us and acquire the competencies necessary to thrive in the dynamic LED display industry.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding LED displays

  • Criteria for specifying an LED display solution

  • The range of technologies in the LED display sector

  • Techniques for installing both rental and fixed LED displays

  • Commissioning LED display processors/controllers

  • How to configure via NovaStar & ColorLight

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